Putin rejects negotiations

Putin rejects negotiations

Woody Harrelson DESTROYS Ukraine War Narrative! (7 min)

The Fall | Bloody Mess And Insane Carnage On Robotyne-Verbove Line. Military Summary For 2023.09.12

Putin Rejects Negotiations, Says Ukr 71K Casualties Failed Offensive; Vietnam Deal, Armenia Tilts US (1:11 min)

Ukraine’s Provocative Move: Demanding a ‘Game-Changing’ Weapon From Baerbock (20 min)

German deindustrialization accelerates (18 min)

Medvedev, EU spit in the face. Politico, Ukraine very corrupt. Biden kisses McCain memorial. U/1


On the Verge

On the Verge

We are on the verge of the abyss.  They are about to unleash chaos.

Lavrov multilateralism. Politico, Biden fears failed offensive. WaPo, US blocked Moscow attack. U/1 (33 min)

‘Huge Biological Risk’ After Sudan Fighters Occupy Laboratory Housing Measles, Polio and Cholera (2 min)

Sevastopol Attacked. Wagner Will “NO LONGER TAKE PRISONERS” after Fighter Executed.(9min)

Biden-Harris 2024. Fox News fires Tucker Carlson (14 min)