Gigaohm Biological (16 March)

Gigaohm Biological (16 March)

At 01:47 Jonathan discusses whether the JNJ/AZ transformation and hepatitis are Connected. Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) and Astra Zeneca (Az) “vaccines” were made with a monkey adenovirus shell. Basically they took out the insides and put their mRNA instructions inside. All humans (and many animals) carry adenoviruses, often in their gut and they are harmless. The adenovirus has been linked with the increase in hepatitis and liver failure in children. JC does not believe that JnJ and Az deattenuated (recombination with wild virus) J.C. believes that is more likely that your immune response is directed at the adenovirus monkey shell as well as the spike-protein. In other words evolutionary pressure is put on the relatively “benign” adenovirus monkey shell. A new niche created for adenovirus? Below is a hypothesis that argues for deattenuation. And riddle me this, riddle me thatwhy are we seeing a rise in cases of monkey pox?

Gigaohm Biological (2:36)

Banquet of Consequences

Banquet of Consequences

The war in the Ukraine is a tipping point and we will see energy shoot through the roof and a shortage of food.  This is all planned.   This is no accident because by 2030 you will own nothing (if you are still alive) and you will not be happy.  Watch all these videos they are important and very good.  Make sure you have food and fuel. Keep your money out of the banks if you can.

I think it is interesting that the Ukraine supplies 30% of global wheat.  That is because they collectivized the farms during the terror-famine (Holdomor) of 1932-33.  How unusual that they could now be the tipping point for global food shortages. I am sure it is a coincidence.

All the global oil companies are writing off billions in investments in Russian oil and gas joint ventures. It is almost as if they know that fossil fuels will not be needed in the future. It is almost as if they know that EROI means that it is not worth while.  It is almost as if they know we will be going Green. It is almost as if they expect a small global population who will use much less energy.  Good thing I am not a conspiracy theorist.  Good thing that China has secured grain, meat and energy.  It’s almost as if they knew what was coming (lolz).

War in Ukraine could have global consequences (12 min)

RUSSIA – Massive WRITE OFFS & LOSS OF TRADE Have Started as Business World Axes Trade with Russia (27 min)

The BACKLASH against Russia has started and the Business World is in the process of CUTTING ALL TIES with Russian Companies. BILLIONS has been invested into Russia over the past 10 years and many companies are simply walking away from those investments. In this video I look at some of the impacts including the OIL INDUSTRY, AIR TRAVEL, BANKING and FUND INVESTMENT. The pain of this War is going to be widespread and the cost to the World Economy could run into TRILLIONS. If this War goes on much longer it is likely to cause a GLOBAL RECESSION in 2022. For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. Chapters:

(Brace Yourself) How Expensive Your Life Will Get in the Next Six Months (13 min)

Globalization works in financial markets as well as manufacturing. A look at how all of our lives will be affected with sanctions against Russia. Grains, oil, shipping, fertilizer and global shortages of many items. Brace yourself ! 


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China Moves to Secure Commodities Rocked by Ukraine War… Wheat prices soar to highest since 2008 on potential Russia supply hit… Futures Prices… Maersk suspends all container shipping to Russia… Where Heating The Home Breaks The Budget… These Are Russia’s Most Important Export Partners… “Breadbasket Of World” Choked Off By Russian Invasion As Wheat Prices Soar… These Are Russia’s Most Important Export Partners… Where Heating The Home Breaks The Budget…

Economic Warning! Russia & Energy = Imminent Financial/Economic Disaster (39 min)

A troublesome shortfall in oil has been converted into a very real shortage that will translate into an economic nightmare. In this video I 'do my thing' and connect dots for you in a way that provides you with insights you can turn into concrete actions.

Nightmare: THE FED. IS GOING OUT OF ITS WAY TO CREATE EVEN MORE INFLATION! (Believe It!) Mannarino (14 min)



Do not let anybody tell you that what is happening is all Putin’s fault.   Whether he was pushed into it or is cooperating is a moot point because it is all planned.  This is how they take down the global economy and then apportion blame.  Who is they?  It is the bankers. It is the old Anglo-Zionist East India Company who at one point colonized the two-thirds of the planet until they could no longer hold their Empire together against nations wanting self-determination.  But this time it is different.  This time they no longer need huge standing armies. This time they have the technology for total surveillance.

The fact is this was always their intention to destroy the old system when it became too expensive to maintain the charade. They have been inflating and stealing for decades and as EROI makes fossil fuel unattractive they need a new basis for the financial economy.  Robotics means that they no longer require a large population and new technologies means they can extract value in other ways.  They can exploit human capital and digitize everything on the blockchain.  The enemy is not Putin.  You are the enemy with your silly thoughts of freedom. Who do you think you are?