Take the money and run

Take the money and run

Brother Nathanael …the “Jews got Jewed” (lolz)

Are ye not entertained?   A Jew calling out Jews…


Another antisemitic rant by dirty Harry (lolz).  Language warning.



The Loan Boat

The Loan Boat

There are many financial tricks that might slow the pace of a credit crash, but not by much. And, here’s the kicker – Unlike in 2008, the Fed has created a situation in which there is no escape. If they do pivot and return to systemic bailouts, stagflation will skyrocket even more. If they don’t use QE, then banks crash, companies crash and even bonds become untenable, which puts the world reserve status of the Dollar under threat. What does that lead to? More stagflation. In either case, rapidly rising prices on most necessities will be the consequence.


The Loan Boat (2 min)

Clayton Morris: They want to watch the banks burn on purpose (19 min)


Tucker Carlson: This is why our big banks are incompetent (12 min)

It started in 2008? (lolz).  You mean because they got rid of the Glass-Stegal Act?

Try again.

It started more than a hundred years ago in 1913 with the private Jewish Bank you call the Federal Reserve.

Biden, banking system safe. SVB, don’t call it a bailout. Elensky needs $38B. Sunak heats pool. U/1 (23 min)

Buy gold (2min)


Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

2nd Biggest Bank Failure In U.S. History: On The Verge Of A Much Bigger Collapse Than 2008 (13 min)

Two US Banks Just Failed – What Happened, and What Now? (16 min)

SVB Banking Collapse and the Chaos in Congress: What You Need to Know (1:16)

Gregory Mannarino: It’s A Freak Show On A Knife’s Edge (42 min)