Myths and facts about Russian economy

Myths and facts about Russian economy

I am glad that I caught this Duran episode because I saw part of the “Joe Blogs” video crowing about the Russian economy being in free-fall and using Bloomberg to underpin his arguments. I knew immediately that it was propaganda and I think Blogs works for 77 Brigade. Even the IMF thinks that Russia is doing OK.  What is the point of keeping such a fictive reality going?  Sooner or later the truth will become apparent to everyone.  The sanctions did not work in fact they accelerated the formation of a multi-polar world.   And Ukraine is losing the war even with NATO help. The Russians will never back down from a war on their doorstep and they are winning. It is a slow moving war of attrition that Russia is winning 

Moldova gov collapse. Myths and facts about Russian economy (31 min)

Pepe Escobar: Why the Price Cap on Russian Oil Failed (8 min)


Turning Tides

Turning Tides

US-NATO Prepare Escalation in Desperate Bid to Turn the Tide (again) in Ukraine (26 min)

Russian economy collapse narrative makes a comeback (19 min)

Sergey Lavrov Speech – ENGLISH TRANSLATED – Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Press Conference (2:55)

Russia Advances Siversk, Ukraine Risks Bakhmut; US, German Military Push Back Against Tank Transfers (1:12)

The Jewish clown himself:

The Middle Corridor to revolutionise global trade (14 min)







Russian Economy Collapsing

Russian Economy Collapsing

At least that is what the MSM wants you to believe.  Ukraine is losing the war and that is becoming obvious to everyone so now the media stories appear suggesting imminent Russian economic collapse.  Do I believe it?   

I think Russia will struggle and some sectors of the economy will do it hard but the Russians are resilient and tough. They are not like the pampered West and they will ride it out and quickly adapt. They will roll with it, I-Ching, Darwinism…adapt … (Quote from Collateral damage). They have been here before and this time they are prepared.  Joe Blogs is mimicking MSM propaganda like a paid shill.  

Mr Blogs makes much of the fact that they are “hiding the data” but Russia is at war with the West….why would they continue to hand the West a progress report so that any weakness can be identified?  They are trading with the BRICS and they are building gold reserves.

Anyone can pick and chose facts to suit their agenda.  I prefer these facts (lolz):

RUSSIA’s Economy is in DEEP TROUBLE as Oil & Gas Revenue Declines & Russia Stops Publishing Data.(21 min)

A tale of two economies

A tale of two economies

Depending on who you listen to the Russian economy is either collapsing or is coping.  I have featured videos which argue both points.  The Joe Blogs video reckons Russia is a mess but I am beginning to think that Blogs is either a propagandist or misinformed.

Firstly – Russia was hit hard. The West confiscated (stole) Russian assets abroad (about half of CB assets) and they impounded (stole) Russian private property (oligarch homes and yachts etc). They withdrew western business investments, stopped trading with Russia and kicked Russia out of SWIFT. This was indeed an economic “blitzkrieg” and it failed.  Russia will struggle for the next two years but will emerge stronger.

Secondly, while Joe Blogs harps on about Russian shortages and inflation he says nothing about  US shortages (or EU shortages).   Not only that but he says that many of the shortages in manufactured goods will be because foreign companies have withdrawn.   Really?   You mean it is a bit like all those same globalist companies more or less withdrawing their western manufacturing bases and exporting them to China?  (lolz).


What about this then Joe?

Russia Avoids Debt Default by Paying London’s Citibank (12 min)

Does not sound like a collapsing economy to me.

How is inflation shaping up in the USA?

I suppose it depends on who you listen to. By way of comparison Shadow stats employs the CPI inflation calculation methods used in the 1980s. Follow the link to the national debt clock and have a look.





Endgame in Azovstal

Endgame in Azovstal

Intense Battles in Donbass, Endgame in Azovstal, As Inflation Storm Clouds Gather over the West (52 min)


Russian Forces Eliminate Ukraine Forces Using Apartment As Firing Position(Special Frontline Report) (5 min)

Nabiullina and Putin discuss the Russian Economy and failed Blitzkrieg