Doubling Down on Stupid

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Doubling Down on Stupid

They are either very stupid and remaking dumb and dumber with Joe Biden in the staring role or this is a master plan of evil genius to destroy the global economy and push us into the NWO.

They are going to steal all Russian assets in the West.  Someone is going to get very rich. Even the birds are pooping on Biden.  Is this following a script to paint the “left” as insane so that a Trump presidency can be ushered in?   Who knows?  It would be amusing were it not for the dying and stuff.

Biden Sends Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe in Desperate Bid to Keep Russian Sanctions (6 min)

RUSSIAN RUBLE – Why Did Value REBOUND so Quickly? Full Explanation & Reasons for Currency Recovery (22 min)

Stocks Drop After Fed. Comments. PLUS! Banks To Write Off BILLIONS In Russian Assets. Mannarino (12 min)