Latest SARS & Ukraine

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Latest SARS & Ukraine

A 2.5 hour stream about the situation in Ukraine as well as the latest SARS info. All the Jewish billionaires made a run for it back to Israel meanwhile the Jewish Comedian in charge of Ukraine encourage the goy to take up weapons against the Russians.  The Russians seized Chernobyl because they don’t want anyone making dirty bombs.


It is all Kabuki Theater

All that investment in Ukrainian bio-weapon labs for nothing.

Even Pooh -Bear won’t help Brandon.

JUST IN – Biden admin presented China with intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup in hopes Xi would step in.


They are all banker puppets

That nasty Putin hurting that lady (see below)

This woman survived a gas explosion, covid and then Putin fired a rocket at her.

Like Greg said in his last video Putin just saved the central banks.

Putin was a young global leader (WEF) 

Wag the Dog

In case the video does not show (2 min):


It is a big club and you ain’t in it.