Limited Hangout

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Limited Hangout

Listen to these right-hand Masons.  They are the good guys (lolz).   At least David Martin has lost the bow-tie and has some chin stubble.  Must have changed his PR firm.  Is Rand Paul a limited hangout?   Probably….as in look over there….Chyna and Fauci.   Do you honestly think that the military Industrial Complex is going to stop using bio-weapons?  Poking around in bat shit for deadly viruses.  Releasing ticks?  Jabbing people?  It is too profitable and too much fun. Look at the dumb sheep lining up because we made them afraid….look at the standing on dots and fighting about toilet paper.  We are doing the useless mouth breathers a favor putting them out of their misery.

Got to admit though that they are damn good.  They give you the bad guys and they give you the heroes.  Some of those heroes even promoted the vaccine.  Trump still thinks it is his gift to the world (lolz).

MUST WATCH: Dr. David Martin Interview — U.S. Gov. Is Coordinating A Depopulation Program Against The World (1:41)


Gates foundation funding (11 min)

CAUGHT: Pentagon Was Biggest Spreader Of Anti-Vaxx Disinformation! (30 min)

The Worst News Possible For Big Pharma! (7 min)