Rapid Change

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Rapid Change

This is a must watch

Multiple CME’s from the Sun the last week of October 2021 had so much electrical intensity that the plasma glowed bright enough to make Earth’s magnetic field lines visible. What happened under the highest charged particle displays were 28 Feet of snow in 72 hours Alaska with the highest rainfall totals ever recorded. Do you think the areas where we grow crops across the globe will be affected?

This comment from below the video:

These massive snow falls can be predicted by the amounts of so2 in the clouds. Volcanic winters happen from so2. We have seen record amounts of so2 released from volcanoes this year. Enough to track the clouds and see the snow and rainfall totals. Add on same effect from all the forest fires that cause down burst. Any place cold where those so2 clouds drift will see more snow. La Palma and Etna are producing lots of so2 right now.

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The deserts of Saudi Arabia are covered with rivers! Heavy rains cause flooding (2min)

This is happening everywhere. Extreme weather. Flooding in Bosnia… Japan etc…  check out the channel.


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