Is the First Time in Human History?

Is the First Time in Human History?

It is all connected. All the narratives are connected; Covid, climate catastrophe, war and the economy.  All working towards the Great Reset.

If This Is the First Time in Human History Then What? (14 min)

Ionosphere is our Canary in the Coal Mine (4 min)

Bipolar Vortex (7 min)

11/21/2022 — Devastating Earthquake in Indonesia — West Coast USA Oregon M5.2 + Greece M5.5 (43 min)



Mr Global

Mr Global

Who is this Mr Global?    Come out and name names. Who is the oligarchy?   Shall I name names?  It is Rothschild.  It is the Central Banks.  It is Jewish power. It is the corporations. It is an “elite” of billionaires (many of them Jewish) and the Davos set. Rothschild uses Israel as its forward fire base and Russia and China are it’s “bastard sons” (as Brendon calls them). They are the golem used to scare the West.  However, there are warring factions within this cabal and much of it goes back to the old East India Company trading model of the Anglo-Zionists.  Are you confused?  Just remember it all comes back to money and power.

Catherine Austin Fitts discusses The Going Direct Reset, mr Global and invisible weapons (58 mins)

The Going Direct Reset is the plan that was initiated by the Central bankers in August 2019 to radically reengineer the global financial system.

Infernal Woo (33:33 min)

A good video and all true but why is it 33:33 minutes????



Is the final witnessing about to begin?  They are getting ready to remove the curtain in order to show you the brick wall.  Your “freedom” will be finally removed and your slavery completed.  They are positively salivating at their victory. After all it has taken centuries to propagandize, dumb down and corrupt the goyim and we are almost there. They have done everything they can to destroy the economy -first climate change and now the virus. 





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ALERT. The Use Of Cash Being BANNED

.. DOJ Trying To Suspend The Constitution! Mannarino

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains why he thinks the current hysteria over the coronavirus has a hidden agenda.

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