Food and Money

Food and Money

The pending food crisis is manufactured as is the financial collapse.  Of course they will blame it on supply chain disruption caused by Covid and by war.  The financial collapse will be blamed on Russia.  The hyperinflation is Russia’s fault.  Do not let them fool you.  This was all planned but it may well backfire.   We know that huge natural changes are incoming and we should be preparing.  Instead they are tightening the screws in an attempt to force a new system on us. The hunger games are coming.

FOOD CRISIS: EU expects shortages, S. Korea feed producers to declare Force Majeur (14 min)

The food crisis is here. The EU's agricultural ministers held an emergency meeting, and are set to activate a "Food Crisis Contingency Mechanism" in anticipation of the shortages resulting from the blocked 40% of global wheat exports that are no longer flowing from Ukraine/Russia. S. Korea's animal feed producers are preparing to declare force majeur, unable to produce feed without the 300,000 metric tons they'd expected from Ukraine now stuck in the Black Sea. Nations are banning exports to cling to what food stocks they DO have. Things are escalating quickly in the food crisis. Stay tuned to the Ice Age Farmer channel and START GROWING FOOD NOW. FULL SHOW NOTES:

  • (0:00) exec summary
  • (1:59) SKorea feed supply in trouble
  • (3:30) this is not normal
  • (4:13) EU food crisis mechanism
  • (8:11) InVivo: EU must relax restrictions
  • (10:53) Moldova bans wheat/sugar exports
  • (11:11) Food Chain Reaction Game
  • (11:39) India exporting wheat to Asia
  • (12:40) Solutions


The Western World is currently in the process of CUTTING ALL TIES with Russia. The UK & CANADA have CLOSED THEIR PORTS to Russian Ships and it is likely that the REST OF EUROPE will follow shortly. These closures will mean that Russia will be unable to sell OIL or LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS. This will hurt the Russian economy but will also result in HIGHER ENERGY PRICES as Europe will be forced to buy more Oil and Gas from other countries. We currently have HIGH INFLATION and HIGH LEVELS OF DEBT all around the Western World and these price increases are likely to Trigger a GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS and RECESSION. For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below.


FReAKShOW: More LIES More Deceptions! AND YOU ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE A GRAND PIANO. Mannarino (25 min)


Greg refers to Loretta Mester the President and CEO at Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland as the Ghoul.  They are all Ghouls. Klepto Capture seem to be the new in-word being used by Biden. He should be more worried about poo-poo capture.

Ghoul (Arabic: غول, ghūl) is a demon-like being or monstrous humanoid originating in pre-Islamic Arabian religion,[1] associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monster.