Never go full Retard

Never go full Retard


Authoritarian Laws

Authoritarian Laws

I tagged this under humor but the subject matter is not really funny  but JP does a good job holding it up to ridicule.  And people still think this is about Public Health?   Let us all just comply and follow the rules and it will all go away.  I have never seen people so frightened and dumb.  Masks do not stop tyranny and nether do vaccines.

Extreme Authoritarian Laws Proposed in New York! (11 min)


And in case you think it is just NY.  The ground is shifting as we speak. They are getting people ready to accept arbitrary detentions in the name of health. This is Marxist collectivism by means of the health system.  Do not be fooled.


Harry Vox interview

Harry Vox Interview

Harry Vox introduced the world to the initial information on Lockstep in a video released  in 2014 about a Rockefeller report written in 2010.  He has been tracked down for this interview.

The takeaway:

  • we have another couple of months then it is all over we never get control back
  • they are afraid of people being united and deliberately cause division
  • very difficult to wake people up  – cognitive dissonance

Before you watch the long Harry Vox interview watch this short video:

The Great Reset

Harry Vox interviewed by Lillian McDermott

This is important about how they use division….. timestamp= What is behind the agenda to de-fund the police timestamp=