Dollar Decline

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Dollar Decline

The dollar has been King since Kissinger achieved an agreement with the Saudis and the USA stopped backing the dollar with gold effectively linking the dollar to oil.  This insured that the dollar would become the world reserve currency allowing he rest of the world to finance the Military Industrial Complex that overthrew any dissenting governments. 

However, the powers that be have decided to extract all the wealth out of the system through inflation, deflation and tax before they reset it.  Why are they doing this?   They are doing this because the coming natural cycle change that is just starting will wreck some economies and change the grow zones.  Their strategy is to steal the wealth and reduce the population because we can now be replaced with AI.   The next system will make feudal times look like paradise.

Never forget that this is a planned global destruction and different factions are competing for supremacy.   The Federal Reserve is a private Central Bank and along with the other Central banks is a member of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) who are accountable to no one.  They are a Rothschild creation…. one bank to control them all and they owe their allegiance to no country.  If you thought the fiat currency US dollar was bad wait until you see the  replacement. Ordinary people are about to get a lot poorer.


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