War and Assassination

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War and Assassination

A big geopolitical shift is taking place.  Empires are about to fall.  There is a handful of people at the top of the hierarchy controlling and manipulating the fate of nations.  Or so they think.  

Their time is almost up.

Zelensky Admits Kharkov Crisis, Rus Kherson Return; Putin Meets Xi, Unveils Rus Industrialisation (1:20 min)

Fico fights for life. Putin, huge delegation to China. Biden, 14 secs/5 jump cuts. EU warns Georgia (43 min)

🔴 Putin & Xi: A Clash of Titans Against the West | Syriana Analysis w/ George Szamuely (57 min)

Putin & Xi, preparing for big sanctions war w/ Alex Krainer (Live)-1:24 min

“We ALREADY are at War with Russia” U.K. admits as Germany ramps up conscription | Redacted (11 min)

LtCol. Tony Shaffer : Can NATO Handle Defeat? (29 min)