Oil War

Oil War

We are officially in an oil war (USA vs OPEC) 10 min


Russia Wrests Initiative from Ukraine, Advances on Liman, Conducts Nuclear Drills,Threatens Starlink (1:06)

Russian (LPR) Forces Heavy Battle Combat Training For Advancing On Kharkov Ukraine (21 min)


Russia Reveals HOW Ukraine Will STAGE DIRTY BOMB Attack, “MASSIVE Retaliatory Strikes” Practiced (25 min)

They are sounding the alarm that this is going to get DANGEROUS | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

Putin just did the UNTHINKABLE and they’re ignoring it, again | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)





It is ramping up

It is ramping up

We need more Ukrainian blood spilled because the Democrats want to spread Democracy. Meanwhile Zelensky tries to blow up the nuclear power station and an Hydroelectric dam

Oh no! Putin just sounded the alarm as NATO prepares major attack | Redacted with Clayton Morris (23 min)


IT’S ON! Biden just moved us closer to war with China | Redacted with Clayton Morris (26 min)

Something BIG Is Going To Happen. MARTIAL LAW Declared! (5 min)

Russia Defences in Kherson, Evacuating Civilians, Advancing Kharkov, Bakhmut; UK Defence Chief to DC (1:02)

Putin Declares Martial Law in Ukraine (3:20)

Going for broke

Going for broke

Going for broke (21 min)

Putin just DESTROYED the WEF and NATO in this speech | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (20 min)

Putin Dubbed “LEADER OF THE WORLD”. Grain Deal Fails. Aeroflot To Receive 339 Russian-Made Planes.(23 min)

KEEP CALM and Liz Truss is now UK PM (21 min)

Russia Stops Offensive in Kherson, Preparing Counterattack; Repels Ukraine Attacks in Kharkov Region (42 min)

😱 European UK, German Energy Cost EMERGENCY 😰 (8 min)

Mariupol Road Of Death

Mariupol Road Of Death

Mariupol Road Of Death “Ilicha” (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+)-13 min


Someone pulled me up on using the word “liberated” (and they were correct because the city was never in Russian hands). This was my reply:

Nope...the Russians were never in control of the city of Kharkov so perhaps I should have said "secured" but they did liberate it from the presence of Gonzalo Lira. They are very good at beating up citizens, gouging out eyes and torturing Youtube reporters.


Russia ‘Grinding Down Ukrainian Resistance’ in Donbass, Mariupol, FT Warns of Stagflation (28 min)

All this could have been avoided but they wanted it to happen.  Watch until the end.


I wonder where those bio-weapons came from?