Gigaohm Biological (16 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (16 Feb)

Just watched this on 1.5x speed.  Very good. The first 10 minutes should make you very concerned and angry. Things are going to get very ugly and there will be shortages, hunger and arrests. We are dealing with psychopaths.

Why this sudden push for AIDS?

Gravitas: 64-yr-old becomes first woman to be cured of HIV (4 min)

Hang on a minute…one of the “cured” got Leukemia. When they tried stem cell therapies at the Hutch everyone in the trials died.  Oh, well I suppose one person (temporarily?) cured means it can be rolled out for 8 billion people. Perhaps we need another EUA and we can now mandate AIDS testing.  Something tells me we are going to see a lot of VAIDS in the near future.

Carrot top Harry should tell his brother Randy Andy to get an AIDS check. He just paid 12 million hush money to make his kiddie fiddling go away. You think she was the only one and there were none younger?  NO HARRY.  I will not get an AIDS test because I have not been vaccinated and unlike your uncle I am not into child trafficking. And if you were that worried about your Mum you would find out who murdered her and not cover it up.

Kentucky Fried Dino

Kentucky Fried Dino

“Baby Yingliang” – Exquisitely Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Discovered Inside Oviraptorosaur Egg TOPICS:Dinosaurs, Eggs, Embryo, Evolution An exquisitely preserved in-ovo theropod dinosaur embryo sheds light on avian-like prehatching postures Animated Reconstruction of a Close-to-Hatching Oviraptorosaur Dinosaur Embryo

CHICKENS are DINOSAURS! – New Science Proves This! Evolution Is Not Gradual It’s Episodic (9 min)

Avalanche Warnings In 6 Western States, Snow Continues To Pile Up – Iceland – Do Auroras Make Noise? (13 min)

Western US to close 2021 with record cold and piling snow Snow and cold will make for difficult post-Christmas travel across the western and northern United States Snow expected to continue as winter storm warnings extend from Seattle to San Diego Palisades Tahoe Closed Due to Heavy Snow Conditions NorCal storm live updates: I-80, Highway 50 remain closed, 69K without power Power Outage US GFS Model Total Snow Hazardous Winter Weather Conditions for Portions of the West, Northern Plains and Northeast Dams burst in northeastern Brazil as region hit by floods Scientists Identify A New Type Of Storm Called An ‘Atmospheric Lake’ Worldwide Volcano News Fagradalsfjall volcano update: continuing ground deformation has reached same pre-eruptive February values Strong earthquake activity in Fagradalsfjall mountain, Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes LIVE: Iceland Volcano in Geldingadalir Magma Chamber Video In Icelandic Do Auroras Make Sounds We Can Hear? The True Answer Is Surprisingly Complicated

Minor Volcanic Eruptions Could Cascade Into Global Catastrophe – National Volcanic Threat Assessment (6 min)

Minor volcanic eruptions could ‘cascade’ into global catastrophe Eruptions in the Cascade Range during the past 4000 years 2018 National Volcanic Threat Assessment The USGS Has Just Listed These 18 North American Volcanoes as “Very High” Risk Native American Names For The Cascades

Gigaohm Biological (25 Sept) Enriching the virus

Gigaohm Biological (25 Sept) Enriching the virus


It is exactly what we warned ………..they are forcing the virus to rapidly evolve.

S1 mutations cluster phylogenetically, suggests bursts of evolution

Mutations in S1 arising via within-host pressures result increase viral fitness and are enriched in the viral population by natural selection.

Although selection has not been primarily for antigenic drift, observed level of adaptability suggests its potential.

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward

This article is just speculation which is sometimes necessary when we are trying to figure things out.  I think we can safely say that it was no coincidence that the virus emerged just after the Federal Reserve stared REPO on the 18 th Sept 2019.  That meant that the banking system was on the verge of collapse and the virus allowed them to take “more unconventional measures” and spend like drunken sailors.  It also allowed them to destroy SME’s and prepare for the Great Reset. They had an opportunity to steal and pilfer like never before.  The greatest transfer of wealth and concentration of power in history. Ever.

I was told by a good friend yesterday via Skype  (living in a different country) that he was going to visit his brother who had developed a lump in his neck.  The hospital had investigated but were telling him very little.  His mother had died after developing a similar lump in her neck. I asked if his brother had recently been vaccinated and he told me it was six weeks ago.

All that set me thinking. I did not want to ask too many questions but I wondered if it was perhaps genetic.  I don’t even know what the disease is and I certainly do not know if it was triggered by the vaccine.   So, this is just speculation….but it brought to mind this paper:

The SARS-CoV-2 as an instrumental trigger of autoimmunity

The diagram below comes from the above article and shows all the inflammatory pathways linked to the virus. We might therefore expect that the spike protein carries the same characteristics.   This is truly shocking.


In the center appears the SARS-CoV-2. Around it, at the upper part of the figure, appear autoantibodies linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection. At the bottom part of the figure, appear autoimmune diseases linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection [,, , , ,, , , , , , , , ].

What if it is a ticking bomb?

It seems to me (I am an industrial chemist who as a junior worked in plant pathology not a geneticist etc) that this thing was made to go for any weak points in the immune system.  We know that it killed the elderly with co-morbidity almost immediately.  Other people had only a mild infection but experienced “long covid”.  What if this thing sits there and targets any latent genetic weakness. What if someone develops heart problems or a lump so many months after infection.  No one would be any the wiser.  It would all look completely unrelated.

I call this theory The Great Leap Forward because it allows the eugenicists to weed out any human flaws and select for healthier humans.  It is an “evolutionary big bang” giving nature a “helping hand” (I am being the devil’s advocate here).  Not only will it kill “flawed” specimens and reduce population but their deaths will provide invaluable data for science and advancement towards trans-humanism (we thank them for their sacrifice).

All the data is being fed into Artificial Intelligence and analyzed.   This is why we have seen a proliferation of genetic testing companies like 23 and me (CEO Anne Wojcicki sister of JewTube CEO). They are obsessed with racial supremacy. Where do you think Hitler got the idea from?


That is my theory and it is speculation but in a twisted way it makes sense.   You use the virus like a filter and the vaccine (gene therapy) as an improvement platform by constantly “tweaking” it to correct for mistakes.  If millions die that is too bad…they were useless eaters and breeders anyway.  The end justifies the means. One interesting question someone needs to look at is heat-shock.  There are ways of switching it on and off using genetics.  We are going to face a lot of radiated shock soon (both man made and natural)….are they preparing a “super race”?  The Marvel characters are Jewish inventions. They seem obsessed with mutants. I can’t wait for my superpowers:



Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast

There can be no doubt anymore that the vaccines are the Mark of the Beast.   The beast is using deception but we can see through it.  The vaccines come with an entirely different agenda which they have already made clear. This is setting a precedent for further experimentation in transhumanism.  There will be multiple vaccines and if they damage people with their experiments so what?  There are 7.8 billion of us and the vaccine companies will carry no indemnity.  They want to re-make human beings and hook us up to Artificial Intelligence.  That is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about.  You will over time no longer be human.  It is the lie of the serpent that we can become like gods. Moreover, they will literally own you because they hold the patents on the engineered DNA.  This is a  fulfillment of Great Babylon owning the bodies and souls of men.  All who accept this agenda are effectively choosing to deconstruct the image that God made.  We are made in the image. They are literally challenging God and making a new creation.


I bet you never thought your so called “Christian” leaders would sell you out.  I warn all of you that anyone who supports this agenda and declares that the virus is natural and that we need a vaccine for our safety is a beast worshiper.  Do not follow such people they are not Christians. Pray for them and alert everyone.  Persuade everyone.  No compromise. They are lying like the CMO of Victoria. Here is my doctored video. They are inflating numbers and lying and they even admit it. Wake up.


They want complete control and the agenda is being slowly revealed and still people refuse to believe:


Earn Brownie points from the Beast

This is obviously full spectrum dominance.  They will go cashless and they will need everyone to have some sort of ID. We will end up with something like the Social Credit score that China is using.  We are all being played. This is one world Government on steroids.




Trans humanism means that we “transcend” what it is to be human.  It is the next stage of our “evolution”.  It is nothing short of the lie of the serpent:

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil"  (Gen 2:5)


And who is the serpent in the modern version of this story?  Well I am sorry to say that it is the Jews who own the media and are very advanced in the medical and AI fields. They have seduced the nations with the promise of “god like” power. The serpent was the first liar and the first murderer.

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it".
(John 8.44)




How will they achieve vaccinations?

They would love to physically force everyone but that is not possible.  What they will do is use social pressure and behavioral engineering.  Private companies (in league with the government) will not allow you to shop, travel etc in order to protect their employees from caching a terrible disease from you.  Once we have digital currency they have complete control.  We are literally the last humans on the planet.  The next generation will be re-engineered (so they think).

Of course, there are idiots and traitors out there who will think that this is great.  All I can say is that it is a good thing that God will halt the project because any fruit that it bears will be poisonous. The one thing that AI cannot cure is the moral imbecility of man – only God can do that.  The future that they want to build is already based on lies and deception and if allowed to stand would end up looking like hell on earth.

They are already stategizing how to achieve vaccinations:

"Segmentation is key to success. Segmentation is the identification of groups who share similar beliefs, attitudes and behavioral patterns"
"Other segments that need dedicated foci are health and social care workers. Studies have revealed that certain healthcare workers hesitate to vaccinate themselves or their family members"



 Time for a laugh

My comment was:

So it offers no protection for the elderly probably only minimal for younger people (who don’t get symptoms anyway) and is made from monkey snot? What could possibly go wrong?


If there is push back you are guaranteed another false flag. Ebola?  More riots? Who knows? They cannot afford to stop now. There is no going back. No plan B.  Be alert.   Do not be deceived.