Extinction Cycles

Extinction Cycles

Everything is patterns and cycles.

Tracking Extinction in Cycles, Electric Wind, Geomagnetism | S0 News Dec.13.2021 (4 min)

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Big Burb Episode 2: https://youtu.be/VU7OfMQfj80 Extinctions: https://www.nature.com/articles/s4146… Geomagnetic Storm Responses: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Triboelectric Charged Grains: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2112.05471.pdf

7.6 Downgraded In Indonesia – Record Snow Falling West US – Grimsvötn Jökulhlaup Watch – Record Cold (22 min)

74 dead, more than 100 still unaccounted for in Kentucky tornado https://nbcnews.to/3ETbqOv GFS Model Total Snowfall US https://bit.ly/31YXjbR Heavy Rain, Mountain Snow, and High Winds Impacting the Western and Central U.S. https://www.weather.gov/ Northern Hemisphere Total Snowmass Live Graph http://bit.ly/2lAFomU Insane temperature contrast in Russia 🇷🇺 today https://bit.ly/3IFNBvE Deep snow totals for the West, Tahoe up next https://bit.ly/3dPaRt0 Awu volcano (Sangihe Islands, Indonesia): increasing seismic activity since October, Volcanic Alert Level raised to Level 2 https://bit.ly/3e4IRBX Awu https://s.si.edu/3DWGFXs Grimsvötn volcano (Iceland): jökulhlaup warning, new glacial flood peak expected in 5-10 days https://bit.ly/3m2lRaQ Spanish island volcano eruption hits local record of 85 days https://bit.ly/30oBPEN Spain orders 33,000 to seal themselves indoors over toxic gas from volcano https://bit.ly/31THanT La Palma volcano eruption update: eruption intensifies intermittently https://bit.ly/3EYoWAf La Palma Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210919/1410Z ONGOING ERUPTION https://bit.ly/3GI0vYo Earthquakes Today: latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours https://bit.ly/3hLpMXk http://www.ign.es/web/resources/volca… 🔴 Live La Palma Volcano Eruption (Multiview) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDDqS… Parade of Planets: Crescent moon, five planets, two asteroids to align in the night sky tonight https://bit.ly/3m3rMwu Scientists studying microplastics in Antarctica discover that 89 per cent of samples analysed came from the paint on their OWN SHIP https://bit.ly/3oUgNr7 Collapse of the mammoth-steppe in central Yukon as revealed by ancient environmental DNA https://www.nature.com/articles/s4146…

12/13/2021 — Large Earthquake M7.3 strikes Indonesia West Pacific — “That time of year.. December” (35 min)

The Nexus of the Shmexus

The Nexus of the Shmexus

Some very good videos by Magnetic Reversal channel (some bad language).  They are coming to the same conclusion as David Dubyne from Adapt 2030 that it is the conjunction of the gas giants causing a cyclical cooling etc.  Suspicious observers point to the approach of the  “galactic sheet”  – it is all “space weather”.   The point to remember is that it is all cycles and patterns.  Not just one cycle but multiple overlapping cycles on different timelines. Some of these cycles will reinforce each other and some may partially cancel each other.  Now you know why the ancients saw the planets and stars as gods doing battle.  And then there are the huge electromagnetic “signs” in the sky caused by plasma and z-pinch etc. recorded in petroglyphs.  There are huge changes and spectacular sights ahead.  Keep the faith.

Earth Is Whipping Around Quicker Than It Has In Half A Century And The Sun Is To Blame

Earth is spinning faster: Time flies in 50-year record http://bit.ly/3s4YrmD Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century http://bit.ly/35ld9w0 Nils-Axel Mörner https://bit.ly/3s6A0Fm UN IPCC Scientist Debunks UN IPCC Lies https://bit.ly/3bgAPFK Atlantic Multi-decadal Ocillation connected with Great Conjunctions https://bit.ly/3apDmNf UAH Global Temps Satellite Data https://bit.ly/2KW5EVB

Southern Snow This Weekend – Winter Tornadoes – Liquid Sun – Great Conjunction – Global Cooling

Hail storms and flooding in Bolivia.  Crops destroyed by hail in Victoria South Australia.  Very heavy snow in France and Mediterranean.  Is any of this reported globally?   Is anyone connecting the dots?    They only report the events locally.  They do not want you to know that changes are coming.  They blame CO2 and are hiding the changes.

Another Round of Southern Snow Expected This Weekend http://bit.ly/3s2oGdn Heavy Snow Brings A Winter Wonderland For Higher Elevations http://bit.ly/35mznhb Snow in the Southern US is likely twice in the next week http://cnn.it/39fPmin Storm Brings Snow to Charlotte area, up to 9 inches in NC mountains http://bit.ly/3nn9m7D 2 rare tornadoes reported in Northern California http://bit.ly/3bio2mf GFS Model Total Snowfall US http://bit.ly/3hXBcpV GFS Model Toal Snowfall Europe http://bit.ly/332e83w Apocalyptic hail storm kills 4 in the constitutional capital of Bolivia http://bit.ly/3oq6dW3 Millions of dollars worth of Victorian crops destroyed in ‘absolutely terrifying’ freak storm http://ab.co/38pSzwI Spain just recorded its coldest temperature ever: -34.1°C https://bit.ly/3s4nZjH Spain set for big freeze: sub-zero temperatures and ‘heaviest snowfall in years’ https://bit.ly/3rYxLUy Global Cost Of Weather Disasters Decreasing https://bit.ly/3orKhdd Israel can expect a major earthquake of 6.5 on the Richter scale http://bit.ly/2JVde21 Worldwide Volcano News http://bit.ly/2v9JJhO Merapi volcano (Java, Indonesia): glowing avalanches from growing lava dome http://bit.ly/3s5aDDV Missouri Farmer Wins $265 Million Verdict Against Monsanto http://bit.ly/2LvHaSO Tedros Adhanom: WHO chief may face genocide charges https://bit.ly/3pYimSr Uranus is leaking http://bit.ly/38phpMX Liquid Metallic Hydrogen: Building Block of a Liquid Sun http://bit.ly/3pYikK9 Maybe ‘dark matter’ doesn’t exist after all, new research suggests http://nbcnews.to/3rYyvci Drought of the century in the Middle Ages http://bit.ly/3pWyx2H The world’s first integrated quantum communication network http://bit.ly/38mXb6u Indigenous Elders Share Stories About “Star People” Living Inside The Earth http://bit.ly/3s2vKqt Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century http://bit.ly/35ld9w0 IN 774 AD, THE SUN BLASTED EARTH WITH THE BIGGEST STORM IN 10,000 YEARS https://bit.ly/3nkmlXK

Days are Shortening, Solar Eruption, MagnetoSense | S0 News Jan.8.2021

Very interesting especially the paper on electromagnetism and “glowing cells” .  And they reckon that all the EMF has little effect on bio-chemistry.  Roll out that 5G don’t let anything get in the way.


Giant Planet Migration: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.01179.pdf Cosmos Missions: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-sel… December Temp Drop: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2021/01/… Galactic Rotation Article: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.02525.pdf Magnetic Biochemistry: https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/focus/en/pr…