Sitrep: What next?

Sitrep: What next?

I think that we have a reached a turning point and it behooves us to summarize the main events and offer a big picture overview so that we can speculate as to what comes next.  These speculations are based on my opinions, gut feelings and intuition and I will make some statements without offering elaborate proof simply because that would be tangential and distract. So, whether you like it or not I will simply make statements after having listened, read, and contemplated a huge volume of material and so here (for what it is worth) follow my impressions.

My first observation is that all the elections in the West were rigged.  I do not know how far back the manipulation goes but I do not believe that Biden (USA) won the election fairly. I do not believe that Albanese (Australia) won.  I do not believe that Dan Andrews (Australia, Victoria state govt) won. I do not believe that Macron (France) won.  Did Boris Johnson (UK) win fairly?  I am not sure, but I know that Jeremy Corbyn was cancelled due to false charges of antisemitism.  So, we have mostly left-leaning political leaders in the West.  There has been a deliberate debasing of the culture under these “leftists” and they have all unhesitatingly supported the Deep State (neocon) war machine, big pharma, draconian authoritarian measures and profligate spending. They have also all clamped down on free speech.  So, the “left” is a parody of itself (the old left) because whatever you might say about Jeremy Corbyn, he was genuine (In fact his brother Pierre is fighting the vaccinations and the climate hoax).  I believe that the “leftist” globalists are rattled.  I think they are under increasing pressure. I think they are acting strange as these WEF speeches show:

Climate Change

Of course, they are lying about the climate.  The climate is changing and will change rapidly due to the magnetic excursion that we are currently undergoing.  Our magnetic field is weakening, and incoming cosmic radiation causes more volcanic and seismic activity. Our earth is being “recharged” (as it were) and changes in the global electric circuit alter the jet streams hence extreme weather pattern shifts.  The sun is also going quiet (Grand Solar Minimum) and therefore it will get colder above and below the 45th parallel (North and South). On top of that as we enter the pressure wave of the galactic sheet (Parker Spiral) and into a different quadrant of space the sun will be enveloped in a blanket of dust, and we will encounter debris field (probably from the Taurids and the comet Encke but much worse than normal).  There is reason to believe that the sun will throw off the dust causing a solar flare or CME.  The ruling cabal know of this approaching cyclical change, and they want to ensure Continuity of Government (CoG). They have constructed DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) and hundreds of kilometers of tunnels and many oligarchs (like Bezos) have their own personal bunkers. They know that there will be food shortages and “climate refugees”.  However, every crisis presents an opportunity and if they can leverage the crisis to their advantage they can triumph as rulers of the “New World Order” that emerges when they “Build Back Better” after the catastrophe.   Therefore, they are front running the problem by extracting all the wealth (by inflation and QE). The wealth is being used to build Artificial Intelligence and robots which will replace human capital.  In the meantime, they are destroying our immune system thereby making us completely dependent on their therapies, destroying the monetary system making us completely dependent on centralized digital, destroying procreation, destroying gender, destroying agriculture, destroying space with thousands of satellites, and destroying the weather with geoengineering. All they know is how to destroy. They are Apollyon the destroyer (metaphorically the angel of the bottomless pit) and like the grave their greed and hunger will never be satiated.  It will never be enough.  They cover their misdeeds with faux concern for the environment and “sustainability” but the banks are “green-washing” and this is about control.  Control of all water, all land, all people. Everything on the blockchain, everything track-able and traceable. No privacy, no free speech, and no control over your own body. Full spectrum dominance.

Covid and Vaccines

How does Covid and vaccines fit into this?  Viruses can be used as vectors for gene therapy. A virus that has been manipulated to make it extra sticky and easy to get into a cell (by adding a FCS) and that can destroy your immune system (by adding GP120 HIV-1) would make an effective bioweapon. In the movie War of the Worlds, we were saved from the aliens by our immune systems which had allowed us to survive for hundreds of thousands of years but which killed the aliens because they found our environment too hostile.  We are also facing a war in which ordinary people have been designated the enemy and they are slowly dismantling our immune system.   I highly recommend listening to the bio-warfare streams hosted by Dr. McCairn the systems neuroscientist and Charles Rixey (WMD analyst) and the researcher St Nick.  It is quite clear that the deep state has been experimenting for decades with the ability of viruses to alter the genome. James Watson (who described the structure of DNA) was doing viral work on Texan prisoners in the 70s, Joshua Lederberg and his protégés at Sloan Kettering were also experimenting with viruses (and Lederberg with A.I.) and using people without their knowledge or consent to further their agenda. Much of this research was covered by so called “cancer programs” (SVCP) trying to find a “cure for cancer”.

Many of the diseases now circulating originated in laboratories and are either the result of deliberate release or accidents.  That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?   However, SV40 (Simian Virus), RSV and HIV and monkeypox all originated in (you guessed it) monkeys.  They used the tissue of “non-human primates” to culture vaccines.  So, we have been the targets of bio-warfare and psychological warfare for decades. I believe that the outbreak of prion disease in the 80s in the UK (which happened at a farm 66 km from Portondown) was the work of bioweapons research.  We have had a huge increase in diabetes, pancreatic cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s since then. Of course, the introduction of GMO foods and the non-selective herbicide Glyphosate together with the saturation of our diets with carbohydrates and sugar are reinforcing this wave of disease and infertility.  They want us all autistic and controllable, sick and dependant or dead. The trouble is that it is not happening fast enough. We are extremely resilient.

I think that we are dealing with a binary weapon made up of the virus and the “vaccine” which is not a vaccine but rather a set of instructions (mRNA code).  I think the virus “primes” us (even if we are asymptomatic) and prepares the ground for multiple successive assaults with mRNA. Who even knows if each booster contains the same formulation (apart from the fact of contamination and degradation which are quality issues)?  They seem quite happy to allow us to mix and match vaccines.  They seem quite happy to inject us after we have naturally recovered from covid.  All very scientific.  I am still staggered at the stupidity of people.

So, my best guess is that they are running multiple experiments and determining which metabolic pathways are affected and if there are “special” genes or bio-interactions that will enhance and prolong life.  People dying and getting injured is an unfortunate side-effect, but sacrifices need to be made for progress (the greater good); we are facing a planetary catastrophe anyway, so they might as well milk the useless eaters for their data as they will no longer require our services anyway (replaced with A.I. and robotics).

I think they know a big natural change is coming and they are racing against the clock to gather data and experiment with our biology before it is no longer possible.  I believe that they have miscalculated because the end is approaching faster than they anticipated and people are waking up to the agenda. They are rattled.

Living Forever- the problem of consciousness

I believe that they have cloned humans (remember Dolly the sheep?) and they want to be able to “transfer” consciousness to the clones to live forever but have found that is not possible.  I do not think that you can make “carbon copies” and transfer all the memories and experiences intact.  Their deterministic, reductionist view of life is not proving equal to the task of creating a “transhuman” so they have chosen an alternative route which is to merge technology with biology and create a cyborg.  In their understanding they can achieve a singularity by networking the human brain to the computer brain and creating a hive mind.  In their simplistic, reductionist view they believe that all life is code.  It is no coincidence that computer code and computer viruses is contemporaneous with DNA and biological viruses.  All reality consists of data (information) and consciousness. Of course, that data produces material things like atoms, compounds and people and consciousness provides a framework within which we can understand ourselves and our place in the universe.  They want to create their own reality. Like putting a hand in a glove, they want to clothe reality with their own virtual version (like putting a “skin” on a computer game) and make us all live the life of an avatar.   This would mean that we could be permanently locked down and it would not matter if our bodies atrophied.  It would not even matter if the real world became smoking rubble because we would be living in a bubble.  It is the pod scene from the movie the matrix.    This is of course all sci-fi nutty but some of these “brilliant minds” believe this nonsense.   What we must understand is that the ideas and approach of the cabal is not monolithic. Some of the oligarchs want the VR world for the plebs, others want bio-enhancement, yet others want a networked A.I. singularity.  They are competing (sometimes complementary) ideas.  They are getting desperate and making mistakes.

Great Reset vs. Great Awakening

I believe that there are more than two competing factions.  It is too simplistic to understand this as globalists vs. Anglo-Zionists.  Firstly, there is overlap between both parties and they agree with many of the outcomes but vary in how it should be achieved. They have deliberately established the Great Reset narrative as opposed to the Great Awakening narrative.  This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. Thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis.  You take opposing ideas and allow them to compete until a new reality appears and then you commence the deconstruction and reconstruction process anew in a never-ending cycle until you reach singularity.   Chaos is their friend, and they employ divide and rule (divide et impera) the most ancient strategy in history that allows a minority to impose their will on a majority (divided rabble).

The globalists (for want of a better word because they are all globalists) are rattled.  In the UK they are on their third Prime Minister (Sunak) in the US it looks like they are getting ready to dump Biden and in NZ Ardern has been made to step down.  They are rattled and the West is losing the vaccine war and losing in Ukraine.  Always remember that these politicians are puppets following instructions from their masters who are the banking dynasties and aristocrats.  The vaccine narrative is slowly changing like a super tanker incrementally turning and a big part of this change was the realization that censorship was not working therefore they allowed Musk to purchase Twitter and take control of the direction of the tanker. With the imperator of Mars at the helm who appeared as a character in Werner von Braun’s book about Mars what could go wrong? (lolz).   All parties are controlled.   You do not become a billionaire or a world leader unless you receive the benediction of the cabal.


I believe that we are going to see the fall of the “left” as people realize the damage that has been done.  The vaccine deaths and cultural wreckage will accelerate the switch. Already we see the return of Netanyahu in Israel.  I believe that Boris Johnson might make a comeback (he was recently in Ukraine meeting Zelensky) and I think Trump will make a political come-back like Lazarus from the dead.  This is all planned and will come with a religious revival that will merge the New Age with technocracy and Christianity. Elon, Peter Thiel and Trump are all linked.

New Technologies

Trump’s uncle was involved with Tesla.  Without Tesla there would be no AC power, radio, microwave or 5G etc. It would not surprise me to see suppressed technology rolled out under the guise of an alien visitation  as in the Report from Iron Mountain with “aliens” depicted as some sort of New Age Elohim. Do you see it now?


Is the particle accelerator CERN one of those new technologies? It is in essence a huge magnet.  What can you do with such a magnet at the point when earth is caught in a toroidal configuration between the gas giants and the sun?  If we achieve blochwall and have virtually zero magnetism for a brief moment what happens if we fire up CERN?  Why all the occult rituals around the opening of the tunnel and associated with CERN?  Shiva  the god of Destruction, Master of Poison and Medicine, the Great Yogi, God of Time, the Cosmic Dancer Para Brahman, the Supreme Being (Shaivism).  Do they think they have understood the nature of reality.  If that is the case why is  so much wrong in astrophysics  (dark matter, black holes, big bang…).  Are we deliberately being gaslighted?   So many questions but I find it highly suspicious especially because it is becoming apparent that a lot of science and history has been revised and/or hidden from view.

The Purge and a New Religion

Trump based his 2020 election slogan “Keep America Great”  on a 2016 American (Jewish) dystopian political action horror film The Purge: Election Year that showed anarchy and obviously hinted at a Jacobite slaughter of the “communist left”.  Trump has obvious connections with Roy Cohn who was deeply involved with the anti-communist Church commission.  Trump himself was backed by Jewish power, his daughter and son-in-law are Chabad and it seems that Trump’s Scottish roots have some Jew in them (lolz).  Trump has even told us that he is the “chosen one” (whatever that means).  In any case I see a big push-back from the “right” which will be supported by a growing populist nationalist movement.  There will however, be no true sovereignty because these movements will be co-opted by a “New Age Religion”  which will replace (or subsume) Christianity. At its core will be the Chabad Noahide laws.  It was Chabad who left their signature on the virus because the virus/vaccine is as a way of conquering the 72 nations.  They are obviously connected to the banking cartels and intelligence services and were closely connected to Mossad in the Soviet Era.

This of course leaves the question of Putin’s relationship with Chabad, Israel, and Trump open. I think we can safely say that Putin rejects the “leftist” version of globalism. He is also more friendly towards Trump and the feeling seems to be reciprocated. However, this does not mean that Putin is anti-globalism….just their version of globalism.

I am sorry to say that there are no good guys in this story. Only bad guys and worse guys. The push to use religion is also being used by the mainstream churches and the “left” to preach a gospel of diversity (perversion) and sustainability (eco-terrorism).
Unfortunately, the conservative Christian movements have also been captured (see John Brisson’s articles on the CNP and the links with the Unification church better known as the Moonies). Trump and Shinzo Abe (the ex-PM of Japan) spoke at the Moonie conference in South Korea. Shinzo Abe was subsequently assassinated by the son of a Moonie (nothing to see here move along).

The Beast is risen

I believe we are going to see the most incredible come-back in history. One that will cause the world to wonder with admiration. All the factions are vying for power, and they are all running against the clock. I think there will be the release of another bio-agent to force vaccinations. There will be more authoritarian measures including the shut down of energy supplies and the collapse of the financial system. They are losing the war in Ukraine so you can expect that NATO involvement will be expanded and eventually China will be targeted. They are preparing for WW3 and it will be nuclear. They believe they can safely sit in their bunkers and survive any catastrophe (natural or man-made). The biggest thing to watch out for (from a Christian perspective) is the Great Deception. Luckily, we have Alex Jones to guide us to victory. Hallelujah! (lolz).

Leftist Defecting From New World Order At Record Levels (20 min)

I thought the invocation of Washington was a nice touch.  A “good” free Mason elevated to god like status and surrounded by 72 stars (lolz).

From a Christian perspective, the most dangerous in all this is the Great Deception “Even Satan transforms himself into an angel of light”. However much you want to see this as separate from religion you cannot, simply because the cabal are using religion and the occult as a playbook to further their agenda. In essence this is a spiritual war. I am watching for two things to materialize and that is temple restoration and sacrificial worship in Israel (which will be an abomination to God but will fool many Christian-Zionists) and for A.I. to reach a mimicry (therefore false) of sentience (both are metaphors for the image speaking). Let us end on an optimistic note. They cannot win, simply because they lost the war two millennia ago when Jesus hung on the cross. They think they can avoid judgement but there is a time and a season to every purpose under heaven and their time has almost run out.

“And moreover, I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there. I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts” (Ecc 3:16-18 ).

Yes, man and his empires are devouring beasts, and we are about to see the beast emerge out of the abyss and kill the witnesses as it marks territory. That will be the last thing the beast does.

“And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them” (Rev 11:7).


Beginnings and Endings

This is the end of this cycle, but it is also a new beginning.

“He hath made everything beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end” (Ecc 3:11 ).

Jesus exhorts us to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world. We must also overcome the world.

Over the Moon

Over the Moon

John Brisson from We’ve Read the Documents has done sterling work on The Council for National Policy demonstrating how Conservative Christians are being compromised. Here is his latest article on the Mooonies:

The Story of the Unification Church (4 min)


Links to the moonies

The tweet below is a screenshot of a 4Chan comment that indirectly links to the Moonies via, via.  See the comment about this (below the tweet) posted on the Discord.  One thing is certain…Trump spoke at the Moonie event and I am seeing more and more links with other “Christians” to the Unification Church which is rabidly anti-communist.  All sides are leveraging religion (false religion) and “spirituality”.  Remember Raeel (lolz).  All these people seeing Jesus and Aliens.

Here is the Comment:

The 4chan poster wrote: "But we did create what the Central Military Commission demanded - a working SARS-type virus." [] The Central Military Commission is the PRC's primary national defense organization, so maybe the 4chan post was just propaganda to promote the story about the CCP virus. (edited)

[8:53 PM]

The 4chan post was from January 25th UTC, which is the same day when the first episode of Steve Bannon's show "War Room: Pandemic" was aired. [] One of the guests on Bannon's show was Bill Gertz, who discussed his article which was published in The Washingon Times on January 24th. In the article, Gertz reported on Dany Shoham's comments that the novel coronavirus may have leaked from a laboratory associated with a Chinese bioweapon program. [] (I linked to a version of the article at, because the URL of the article now gets redirected to a slightly edited version of the article which was given a new title and which was dated January 26th.)

[8:53 PM]

Dany Shoham is a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in the Bar-Ilan University, and they have also published many of his articles. [] Shoham's bio says that he is a "former senior analyst in IDF military intelligence and the Ministry of Defense". Shoham's other articles have been published by The Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, which is India's primary military think tank. [] It's located about 5 km away from the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, which was listed as the department of all 7 authors of the Indian paper about the uncanny HIV inserts which was posted on bioRxiv on January 31st. [,] A new book published by the Manohar-Parrikar Institute in 2022 is titled "The India-Israel Strategic Partnership". [] Virtually all of Shoham's articles are focused on the dangers of CBW development in axis-of-evil countries like China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Russia, and Syria.

[8:53 PM]

Bill Gertz's website has a list of links to hundreds of articles he's written since 2002 for The Washington Times. [] For the past several years, virtually all of his articles have focused on China-bashing, but earlier he also wrote articles which were opposed to other axis-of-evil states like Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Libya, and North Korea. [] For example in one article from August 14th 2002 titled "Iraqi germ plant active", he wrote that "U.S. intelligence agencies spotted activity at an Iraqi factory last week that is increasing fears that Saddam Hussein is advancing his germ-weapons program". [] His sources throughout the article were unnamed U.S. intelligence agencies. On September 26, 2001, The Washington Times published an article by Bill Gertz titled "Bin Laden terror group tries to acquire chemical arms". [] In 2003, Dany Shoham also published a paper titled "The Anthrax Evidence Points to Iraq". [] (edited)

[8:53 PM]

The Washington Times was founded in 1982 by Sun Myung Moon, and it's currently owned by Operations Holdings which is part of the Unification movement. The chairman of the board of The Washington Times is Tom McDevitt, who is a Moonie who was a pastor for the Unification Church in the 80s.

[8:53 PM]

Bill Gertz received an honorary doctorate degree from Unification Theological Seminary in 2015: []

Gertz is the most accomplished professional writer in the Unification movement. Gertz, who grew up on Long Island, New York, joined the Unification movement more than 40 years ago and became a reporter for the Washington Times in the early 1980s. [...] Gertz is known for breaking worldwide exclusive reports. His stories in 2014 on China's hypersonic weapons were submitted for a Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting. His many national security "scoops" made him a thorn in the side of Democratic and Republican administrations alike. Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey stated: "Bill used to drive me crazy because I couldn't figure out where the leaks were coming from. Now that I've been outside for two years, I read him religiously to find out what's going on." [...] Impressively, Gertz achieved his outstanding record without the benefit of a college degree, as he devoted his youth on the front line of Unification movement and then pulled himself up by his bootstraps in the journalistic school of hard knocks.

Gertz's son was given a Moonie Seung Hwa burial ceremony, and Gertz's wife wrote about how it was heavenly to have breakfast with the True Parents. []

[8:53 PM]

Bill Gertz used to be a senior editor for the online news site The Washington Free Beacon, but he was fired because he failed to disclose a conflict of interest: []

A conservative journalist admitted to taking a $100,000 payment from a businessperson connected to a controversial Chinese billionaire, according to newly unsealed court filings. The journalist, Bill Gertz, was fired from the Washington Free Beacon last year for what the publication called an "undisclosed financial transaction" with someone he covered. In a deposition from Oct. 15, Gertz told lawyers for a company involved in a lawsuit with another company connected to billionaire Guo Wengui, aka Miles Kwok, that he had approached Guo for an advance for Deceiving the Sky, his latest book on China that was published last year. Gertz described it as a "loan" that would be paid back using his book royalties. Gertz testified that Guo turned him down; Gertz then approached Hong Kong financier William Je, whom he described as an "associate" of Guo's. Je supplied the journalist with the loan of $100,000. Gertz said in his deposition that he did not remember whether Guo encouraged him to approach Je.

[8:53 PM]

Bill Gertz was also listed as a director of "The Rule of Law Society", which is a non-profit organization founded by Miles Guo whose mission is to "permit the people of China to live under a national system based on the rule of law, independent of the political system of the People's Republic of China". [] Their Twitter account has a total of 12 tweets, but two of them are retweets of tweets by Gertz. []

[8:53 PM]

CAUSA is the political arm of the Unification Church. In 1984, CAUSA founded a think tank called International Security Council (ISC), and the Moonies "hoped that the International Security Council will become one of the highest authorities in the world and a major influential force in Western foreign policy." [] The head of the ISC was the rabbi Joseph Churba, and as the two leading scholars associated with ISC, CAUSA's website named Eugene Rostow and Charles Lichenstein, who are both Jews. [] Joseph Churba was a friend of Meir Kahane since childhood. After Kahane was introduced to U.S. intelligence by Churba, he adopted the false gentile identity of Michael King in order to infiltrate right-wing organizations, and he co-founded the pro-war "July Fourth Movement" together with Churba. Later Churba was also instrumental in helping Kahane found the JDL according to Robert Friedman's biography of Kahane. Friedman also quoted an anonymous intelligence source who said that "Churba was considered the top U.S. contact with Israeli intelligence in the United States". [] For more information, see my text file about Jews associated with the Unification Church. [] (edited)

[8:54 PM]

The senior vice president of the International Security Council was Dr. Martin Sicker, and Moon's right-hand man Bo Hi Pak said that the two people who had been the most instrumental in the development of the ISC were Sicker and Churba. [,] The titles of Martin Sicker's books include The Making of a Pariah State: The Adventurist Politics of Muammar Qaddafi (1987), The Bear and the Lion: Soviet Imperialism and Iran (1988), The Judaic State: A Study in Rabbinic Political Theory (1988), The Strategy of Russian Imperialism: Expansion in Eurasia Gorbachev (1988), The Moral Maxims of the Sages of Israel: Pirkei Avot (2004). [] So Sicker's geopolitical line is similar to the line of Bill Gertz. (edited)

[8:54 PM]

On January 26th 2020 UTC, ZeroHedge published an article titled "Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It" which was republished from an Indian website about geopolitics called GreatGameIndia. [] The current version of the original Indian article no longer mentions the author of the article, but an archived version of the article says that the author was Shelley Kasli. [] Kasli is a co-founder of the GreatGameIndia website which is pro-Russian but anti-Chinese. His articles have previously been published by Dugin's website and by the Jew Michel Chossudovsky's website [,] Kasli's article referenced two news stories which quoted Dany Shoham: an article about Xiangguo Qiu which was published in the The National Post in 2019, and the article by Bill Gertz which was published by The Washington Times on January 24th. [,] Kasli's article also referenced Shoham's paper about the Chinese biowarfare program which was published in 2015 by the Manohar Parrikar Institute. [] Shoham's articles didn't actually claim that China stole SARS from Canada, but it was speculation on Kasli's part. (edited)

False Prophets

False Prophets

All these videos are highly recommended

If you are a Christian you should prepare.  I have been warning and warning.  This must be resisted. The whole system is corrupt as will shortly become apparent.  Withdraw.  Do not consent.  Judgement is coming, partake not of her sins. Come out of her my people.

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