Strayla eye

Strayla eye

Australia is one of the “five eyes” , is still Crown land and up to its neck engaged in the WEF/UN agenda.  All Jewish/Chabad controlled. Trust no one.  They are all operations.

Some videos have no audio to prevent censorship.

Unvaccinated Nurses Are STILL Being Sacked by Queensland “Health” Despite the Workforce CRISIS… (1 min)

Anthony Albanese calls ppl who want more details on ‘Voice to Parliament’ QANON conspiracy theorists (1 min)

One Nation set up to Serve Australians?Kidspot Article.
While working for Jesuit Tony Abbott, David Oldfield began to construct Hanson’s One Nation.

Yemini – More one eye symbolism – Drops the 666 while talking about ‘god’
Linked to Chabad

Morgan C Jonas staged sigh op featuring Daniel Andrews.(1 min)

Chabad asset Morgan C Jonas child hood friend of of Avi Yemini in cahoots with Andrews.

The dirty little secret starring Aussie Cossack & lessons in CO from world wrestling -👇description (3 min)

Liars and Deceivers

Liars and Deceivers

The protests in Australia (and in many countries) are genuine. Ordinary people are sick and tired of the gaslighting and manipulation.  However, many of the protest movements have been infiltrated by liars and deceivers.  Many are agent provocateurs with their own agendas.

Below are a number of short videos (most less than a minute) from Aware Australia.  Do not let your genuine concern be abused and misused by these people.

Melbourne via Drone Sat 20th November 2021


Craig Kelly drops the Hakini Mudra – Diamond = 33


Romeo Georges 250k for what? Who’s your relative mate

Aussie Cossack calls for more Jabs (2 min)

Tanuki is clearly hired help!

Australia’s most useful Idiot is back