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Brendan Murphy INTERRUPTS Senator Malcolm Roberts, Heated Dispute Over Vaccine Mandates & Efficacy (4 min)

LIARS. Much of the “disinformation” was spread by the intelligence agencies who deliberately funded spoiler operations. WE KNOW. I had accounts and posts removed because of scientific information that proved to be correct. There has to be a reckoning. NEVER AGAIN.

Man on $1,000,000/Year Tells Struggling Australians the Solution to Rental Crisis is More Housemates (2 min)


Jaxen Report

Jaxen Report

If you watched the last HighWire on this blog you will have already seen this but I thought it was that important that I cut this section out so that I could make 2 min tweets.  It is 30 mins long and is recommended watching.  The FDA is trying to force 5th and 6th vaccines (boosters) based on an Israeli study whose author admits it is ineffective.  All cost and no benefit.  This is criminal.  We also learn that Pfizer was forced to release the next tranche of documents so looking forward to new revelations. .  The report concludes by digging into Ukrainian bio-labs, Hunter Biden and Ecohealth -Metabiota connections. A very good report.

We were right

We were right

We were right.  About what?   About everything and no one listened. About efficacy, distribution, natural immunity, origins….you name it.  We were correct and no one listened.  Now you must pay the price.

Nurse Campbell is changing his tune and has been black-pilled.  Pity it took him so long and he pushed everyone into vaccinating.

Natural immunity, answers (14 min)

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All along they have been censoring people for medical disinformation for saying that LNP mRNA can enter the nucleus. They removed as from twitter for calling it gene therapy. We pointed this out a year ago.    They admit they modified mRNA and mythlated the uracil to psuedouridine without properly examining the biological consequences of condon read through. The TGA had the Pfizer data and still approved it.

TGA in Australia just yesterday approved Moderna for kids 6-11 and they are proud that they are first country that approved Moderna for young kids. However we all know that a lot of reliable studies shows that Moderna has more side effects on younger populations and some countries even band it for people younger than 30 !

Here we have Dr Raszek.

Spike protein in nucleus “NEWS” – COVID-19 vaccines update 32 (32 min)

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We were right about everything.  No one listened.  Now everyone can sit down to a banquet of consequences.

Negative Efficacy

Negative Efficacy

This article based on UK govt figures has two charts at the end showing vaxx and unvaxx death (in numbers) but also “adjusted rates” (per 100k) which seems to establish the opposite. Whereas the first chart shows more vaxx numbers  dying the second chart show the unvaxx have a higher death rate?  How is that possible?

These were my calculations

These charts are based on the numbers on page 39 and the adjusted rates on page 40

Rate of death vaccinated per 100k =50 (80+)

1,500 vaxx died (how big the vaxx population?)

3,000,000 (3 million vaccinated) 1,500 deaths

therefore 1,500/ 3,000,000 x 100,000 = 50 deaths

50 people per 100,000 die
Rate of death unvaccinated per 100k = 250 (80+)

250 people died

…therefore 100k people unvaccinated?

1. Is my reasoning correct?
2. There are 100 k people over 80+ unvaxx and 250 died but did they die of covid?
** number of deaths of people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and either died within 60 days of the first positive test or have COVID-19 mentioned on their death certificate.

If this rate of death applied to everyone over 80+ (3 million)
then we would expect 7,500 deaths (instead of 1,500) so vaccination saved 6,000 (80+) lives but…
….nearly half a million of this cohort die every year anyway (see under)..
as far as I can see this is statistical slight of hand..

For context:
Death in people aged 75 years and older in England in 2017

Amongst those aged 75 years and older in England in 2017, 1.8 million (40.0%) were aged 75 to 79, 1.4 million (30.2%) were aged 80 to 84, 856,812 (18.9%) were aged 85 to 89, and 495,244 (10.9%) were aged 90 years and older.

In 2017, there were 498,882 deaths amongst people of all ages in England. In general, death is an event that occurs in old age. In 2017, 341,620 (68.5%) of all deaths occurred in people aged 75 years and older, of which 17.6% were amongst people aged 75 to 79, 23.5% were amongst people aged 80 to 84, 27.0% were amongst people aged 85 to 90, and 32.0% were amongst people older than 90 years.



  • 117,237 deaths (80-84) in 1.4m population = 8.4% of 80-84 year olds died of natural causes in 2017


  • 134,698 deaths (85-90) in 856,812 population = 15.7% of 85-90 year olds died of natural causes in 2017


  • 159,642 deaths (90+) in 495,244 population = 32% of 90+ died of natural causes in 2017


  • Total population 80+ = 2,752,056 (2.7 m in 2017) total natural death pre-covid = 411,577 = 15%




A technical scientific term that you may have missed which translates to “give them more and keep giving it until it works even though it is having the opposite effect”.


Death jab

Death jab

Will this vaccine make you drop dead?  Probably not but undoubtedly it will come with long term vaccine damage. Who knows if it will give you cancer in five years or cause sterility?  The fact is that no one knows. How can they?  At the very least they are expecting ADR’s or Adverse Drug Reactions.

The figure of 90% efficacy is touted for a disease with a 99% survival rate. Which just goes to show that the human body’s immune system is sufficient in most cases. How can people be so unbelievably gullible?!   so, 90% is nothing to brag about…but even that is not true….look how they determined the 90% figure.   It was based on 94 people.  I think the results were goal seeking. They probably chose the best outcomes:

What is efficacy?

Article: The 3 Phases of Lies In Development of COVID-19 Vaccines

Conspiracy theory?

So you still think it is a conspiracy theory do you?  Will the British medical Journal convince you otherwise?

 This is crazy

The Pfizer vaccine needs storing at -72 F (-56 C) otherwise the RNA degrades.  It is the first time a vaccine is used that will change your DNA.  Now imagine you get some funky RNA…..or do you think it is possible to vaccinate millions without any glitches?  The whole concept is dangerous and experimental to say the least.  I suppose you could always opt for the Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) made using chimpanzee saliva.  Which I call, the warp speed monkey snot vaccine.  If people still think any of this is normal they need a slap in the face with a wet fish.

The PCR domino