Veritas exposes the Vaxx

Veritas exposes the Vaxx

Brendon says:

It's been up for an hour...if it stays KNOW the narrative has changed.

The narrative is changing. Two directors at the FDA resigned over boosters.  The JVIC in the UK recommend  not vaccinating children.  The UK govt went against the advice.  I am telling you now.  You should have listened.  You should have refused. A lot of vaccinated people will get sick.

PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t” (13 min)

This is what Brendon’s commentary:

Won’t this be interesting? If James O’Keefe stays up, and I suspect he will, we’ll know the Covid narrative has changed and the US is out of Eurasia. Mission accomplished.
They’re exposing the vaccine – allegedly – not the fact Covid exists and is most likely a bio weapon released by China with the permission of the UK European banking elites.

Note you’ll get bogus encryption warnings about the site. It’s being advertised on You Tube.

If Covid as a narrative has expended it’s usefulness, it will show in the US quickly. However, as the break up of the US along vaccine and political and racial lines is yet to be done…it would make sense to keep it going while Europe transitions and opens its markets, borders and cafes. Especially to China. Which brings it back to precious posts on Australia slapping France in the face and going with the US on a new nuclear sub deal.

The Magical Unicorn has had some things to say on the current state of the Chinese economy and the Evergrande debacle. He sees it as an internal restructuring of the Chinese economy making it stronger as real estate is transfered directly to the CCP and China central bank. Smart Cities anyone? You’ll own nothing and be happy.

It’s all an experiment on “others” so far. The people “over there”. Until the US military step in…it will be in America like a Wuhan virus real soon.

November…watch out.

If it goes to plan, China “shudders”. Riots on street. Chaos. And then…calm. The great and noble CCP and Winnie The Pooh, feeling the pain of the Chinese middle class savers and strivers step in…un restrained Capitalism bad…Maoist Communist Centralised Command and Control good. Like shirt skirts and platted slacks, Centralized Command and Control is in this year and in China…it works! Stability! Look and learn America! Sweden smiles. Klaus is ecstatic. Shudders of orgasmic delight flow through Kissinger and Associates. AOC runs for President. Che Guevara t-shirts sell out. Huey Louis and the News re-release Hip To Be Square re-titled “Hip To Be CCP”. Children in Seattle begin to burn the city down to save it from capitalism. Mothers and fathers try to confiscate Apple IPhone’s and IPad’s to instill discipline but Troysky glasses wearing 19 year olds know best. Bob Dillion makes a comeback.

Get out your pop corn.




The virus seems to be naturally deactivating itself and getting rid of the man-made inserts.  That is great news.  That means that variants although more infectious are less pathogenic.  On the other hand the vaccine (transfection)  can still cause damage. This is a clip from the Dr.Fleming video (see War criminals on this blog) to which I have added supporting evidence. It is incumbent that we stop vaccinations now and start using other available treatments and strengthen natural immunity.


Deactivate the Criminals

The criminal institutes and people behind the NWO need deactivating.  However…..I have to say this to all those who rushed to vaccinate.  You allowed fear and lies to rule and now you are allowing the government and fascist entities to use you as a tool to bully those who refuse compliance to the NWO.  It is time you woke up and showed some integrity. They are going to inject kids in the UK which goes counter the advice of the JVCI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation).   The Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Vaccines Research at the FDA resign and write a letter to the Lancet (which is a captured journal).

The wheels are falling off. They are about to start the Fourth Booster in Israel and people are still getting sick and dying.


Can’t you see that something is badly wrong?  What is the matter with you?  Still going around calling people “anti-vaxxers”.   Still listening to the lies of the people that told you two weeks to flatten the curve?   Still listening to the corrupt “experts” who made and released a bioweapon?

This ends when you stop complying?  Stop now.  Do it for the children.


The Inventor of mRNA vaccines

The Inventor of mRNA vaccines

It is worthwhile to listen to the inventor of mRNA vaccines especially when he confirms that the spike is toxic. He even had a post removed because he said that shedding does occur with vaccine induced spike protein.

I double checked his credentials and his claims and they seem to hold up although there are others fighting for this dubious honor. In 2000 he registered a patent on DNA vaccines for eliciting a mucosal immune response but his articles show he was busy working on this in 1989.


His Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein)

Here is a short clip from the interview:


Here is a ten minute clip:

It turns out that Malone himself is “double vaccinated” and that he now says that he warned the FDA and says that the spike is toxic.  In the full 3hour 16 min video posted at the end he apparently said that he needed the vaccine to travel. Personally, I don’t think he had the vaccine at all. I think he knows that the narrative is unraveling and that there will be a deluge of sickness and injury. This is pure preservation – an  exercise in damage limitation so that he can avoid a Nuremberg 2.0.  Whatever his motives…he was closely involved with the very beginnings of the mRNA platform and he is now spilling the beans.


Pfizer already knew that the spike protein spread throughout the body and concentrated in certain organs, especially the ovaries:


Full interview 3 hours 16 min

Media Blackout

Media Blackout

The Pfizer Covid vaccine is already being administered to the public in the UK and the first doses have been given in the US ahead of a mass vaccination campaign on a global scale. It is important to recognize that the Pfizer Covid vaccine has not been approved by the FDA. It has only received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) meaning the vaccine has not gone through the standard process to get official approval from the regulatory agency. Now Moderna’s experimental Covid vaccine is set to get the same Emergency Use Authorization allowing the shot to be distributed to millions of people. We have already witnessed short term adverse events (side effects) from the Pfizer vaccine. Truth is, nobody knows what the long term effects could be and it appears the public is being subjected to an experiment on a global scale. In this report, we examine discrepancies in the FDA Moderna report that was voted on by an advisory panel. The panel voted 20-0 recommending EUA. Some of the discrepancies include cherry picked trial participants to achieve the desired results to gain EUA. As well as 13 total deaths in the trials, 6 in the vaccinated group and 7 in the placebo. Something the media refuses to address. Show Notes:…

Media Blackout: Moderna’s FDA Report Lists 13 Total Deaths, 6 In Vaccine Group, 7 In Placebo

Forgery and fraud at the CDC

Forgery and fraud at the CDC


Another tour de force by Del Bigtree and the HighWire team.  Posted on 10th of July. Breakdown given below:

4th of July celebrations.
Freedom under attack
Kept from celebrating independence
and freedom of religion
“If a law is unjust, a man is not
only right to disobey it,
he is obligated to do so”
-Thomas Jefferson
The Jaxen Report
Health care billionares richer
everyone else unemployed
FaceBook -Zuckerburg
Illionois Congressman
Raja Krishnamoorthi clip
No proper FDA regulation of anti-body test
Antibody test not accurate
Can’t even interpret results
FDA allows self certification of anti-body test
fake tests
Chinese tests
Contact tracing
Pentavalent (five-in-one) vaccine study
Diptheria,Tetanus,Hepatitus B(rDNA)
Pertuses, Haemophilus influenzae Type b
Pentais associated with an increased female-male
motality ratio: cohort study from Bangladesh
Excess female mortality between 6months and 9 months of age (when they get the vaccine)
Dr Peter Aaby & Christine S Benn
Speaking against DTP vaccine
10 times the death rate
Written to Unicef and WHO
working with African leaders and Iternational Criminal Court
Vaccine targetting (killing) girls
Eugenics population reduction
The Introduction of Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young infants in an Urban African Community: A natural Experiment
Dr. Peter Gotzsche, MD
Scientists waking up to vaccine damage
Freedom of choice and consent
Appeal to help fight court cases
CDC Whistleblower
Dr William Thompson
MMR vaccine and 10,000 documents
Age of Autism
Dr Theresa Deisher discusses whistleblower findings
The Utah Whistleblower
Mark Blaxhall author of Denial and
editor of “Age of Autism” interview
with CDC’s Utah
whistleblower Judy Zimmerman PhD
William McMahon ,MD
Autism “gene” (lol)
Ireland: Schooldchildren diagnosed wirh Autism in NU increases 82% over last five years. (May 22)
New Jersey’s autism rate 1 in 32 -highhest in the country
1 in 35 kids
testing older children
Autism rate NJ: 1 in 20 boys 1 in 85 girls
2 million lifetime cost of autism
CDC refusing to recognize an epidemic
refuse to admit environmental causality
de-funding research in high autism states
spinning statistics
Sean Reyes Utah AG
Hand writting samples
Covid is exposing falsehoods
around data manipulation ,vaccines, autism etc
Fauci the liar
CDC promotes vaccines
Beracrauts corrrupt -ethically compromised
Dr Coleen Boyle CDC
Autism in Australia
Doctors threatened with jail if they question vaccines
Freedom of Information request
Department of health
about Independent Saftey Study Test
for flu vaccine-

“documents you have requested do not exist”

scientists warn against fast-track of covid vaxx
Protest in Australia
I WAS THERE WITH MY WIFE this is Adelaide