Jihad on the 13th

Jihad on the 13th


Just watching this now.  I know this much…  don’t believe anything they tell you.  It is war propaganda. Atrocity propaganda.  The worse it is the better.  They want you enraged.  They want more war and genocide.  Don’t encourage them. Do the Mohammedans commit atrocities?  Yes, and so do the Israelis.  An eye for an eye.  They are busy making each other blind (as if they were not blind enough).  Much of what you are seeing is pure BS.

Oh, by the way whatever happened to Ukraine?  I told you they would lose. Most people have completely forgotten. The News cycle has moved on.  The goy are very dumb. The burnt baby was generated by AI (AI can make wonderful images in seconds) and the crucified child the electric socket in the picture is not Israeli.  This image comes from somewhere else.  Don’t believe anything.


Latest Armageddon Glow-Op Goy-Slop #Jihad13th, And SARS Bioweapon Neuroscience/Virology Latest (2:45 min)

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Highly Recommended

Charles Rixey is now in Japan and together with Kevin they are streaming from a Hotel room.  The video starts at about 25 minutes because after the intro and some audio difficulties (in fact  sporadic audio problems  throughout but I still recommended listening).  They knew that there would be protein misfolding. Protein misfolding and aggregation is the common cause and pathological mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), PD, and Huntington’s disease (HD) but it can also manifest in heart disease, kidney etc and as a cause of cancer.  This is why we have an increase in all cause mortality.  They are getting away with it because the symptoms are so varied and no one is connecting all the dots. Charles Rixey wrote a “meta survey” which was placed on Zenodo but then they removed it and cancelled his account but it is now back and I have also embedded it on my website here.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Aggregated Wuhan COVID-19 case data points to the wrong side of the Yangtze River
Charles H Rixey

More than 3 years have passed by since the COVID-19 pandemic was sparked by an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the city of Wuhan, China sometime in late 2019; despite the scientific and geopolitical importance of understanding how the pandemic began, the question remains unanswered, in stark contrast to the earlier SARS & MERS outbreaks. Most of the focus in the origin debate has been centered upon the Huanan Seafood Market in Jianghan District, where the earliest known major cluster of cases emerged in early December 2020. As a result, a vast amount of published epidemiological research has been ignored and an inordinate amount of attention and weight has been given to the pre-2020 set of 174 COVID-19 cases described within the China Annex2 of the World Health Organization’s origin report published on March 31st, 2021. A careful analysis of the extant literature shows that the “official” final case statistics differ in their geospatial distribution by approximately 10,710 – a massive shift that artificially exaggerated the Huanan Market side of the Yangtze River, which separates the western side of Wuhan from the east, where the Wuhan Institute of Virology resides.


Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Kevin and Charles discussed gathering all the material together and writing a book which I think is an excellent idea.

Streaming With Charles Rixey – War Escalation, Convergent Bio-Warfare (Protein Misfolding) -2:22 min



The suicide of the West

The suicide of the West

Excellent stream

This is a six and a half hour mega stream. I listened to it in the background while doing other stuff. Ryan Dawson was on earlier but had to mute because of background noise. Fascinating interview. Quote from Charles Rixey, “It is the suicide of the West” (at about 4 hours). Charles Rixey lost his home fighting this full time. He is dedicated and determined to bringing justice for the dead and dying. Rixey notes that Fauci’s daughter was a software engineer at twitter and that the main scientists involved were amplified (signal boosted) by twitter (see his sub-stack article below). He is like a dog with a bone and will not let go. He is researching and archiving all the evidence and has high level contacts in govt. People in authority are starting to listen.

Streaming With Ryan Dawson (Anti-Neocon) and Charles Rixey (6:23)

Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity

This is an edited version of a stream by Dr McCairn and it is now just over 2 hours (2:12).  It has been taken down from YouTube (for censorship reasons) and is not on the Dojo. Unfortunately WTYL is still having teething problems and Boxcast is discontinued.  I downloaded it from Dlive and reduced the frame rate etc and uploaded it to Odysee minus the intro and outro.  I will probably add a running order later when I find time, but I have added a number of tweets that are related to the subject matter.

Crimes Against Humanity: SARS An Engineered PRION Like Incapacitating Agent (2:12)

A Monkeypox on all your houses

A Monkeypox on all your houses

It looks like Monkeypox is being served up as the next pandemic.

In this 3 hour stream Dr Kevin McCairn discusses this paper on the Monkeypox virus.   The paper proposes the pharmaceutical Metisazone as an anti-viral. The raccoons are looking into supplements and prophylactics to strengthen the immune system against this next attack.  If you have been vaccinated you are probably already immune compromised  with the gp120HIV-1 epitope in the Spike Protein.   This is biowarfare.  These people are evil and insane.

As a sidenote – the live stream interview with Dr Fleming was very good but is not archived as Kevin needs to do a bit of editing. As soon as it is available it will be posted.

A (Monkey) Pox On All Your Houses, Latest SARS, “MOAR” War (3:02)

Dojo time stamps:

Media Lies About Origin of Covid

Media Lies About Origin of Covid (45 min)

It might seem that we are beating a dead horse but we cannot let them get away with the lie. The lie is the cause of everything and the people that perpetuate the lie are receiving millions in tax payer grants to “protect you”.    They are experimenting with pathogens to keep you safe (lolz).  Ultimately their ideology wants to lock you away from nature permanently and feed you artificial food.  So it is crucial to expose them for what they are.  They are liars and murderers.    Chris is one of the good guys and has been spot on right from the beginning.

Charles Rixey has done extensive work on the origins of Covid and has all the documents archived.


Is it important that we find out whether SAR-CoV-2 originated from a natural source or due to human activity in a lab? Of course it is! The solutions you need to apply to each source are entirely different. Getting this right is important for all sorts of reasons. Not least of those reasons is that millions of lives were lost and billions of lives were upended as a consequence. You’d think the media would be all over this story and exceptionally interested in getting to the bottom of it all. But, you’d be wrong. Instead, the media not only ignored the lab leak angle for over a year, they demonized anybody who dared to explore that option. As a result, they gave far more credence to the natural origin story and failed to correct their many mistakes.  Now the NYTimes is clearly, obviously committed to promoting the "natural origin" angle above any other possibilities.  You might want to ask yourself why that is...? To me, the data is thick and rich and increasingly and overwhelmingly points to SARS-CoV-2 having arisen as a result of human efforts in a lab. So, what does the New York Times do in the face of all that evidence? They pounce on a couple of pre-print papers written largely by the same scientist already caught up in the Fauci-email cover-up scandal, and then completely fail to point out that massive conflict of interest to its readers.  How was that left out?  Again, you might ask yourself how that 'oversight' might have occurred...? This was terrible journalism, worse science reporting, and the pre-prints themselves prove absolutely nothing at all. They fail to advance science in any way. All in all, a big fat “F” for all involved. Links to References in This Video: NY Times Article https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2... NY Post 80,00 animals tested, no SARS2 https://nypost.com/2021/05/22/the-wuh... Washington Post Rasmussen/Goldstein natural origins editorial https://www.washingtonpost.com/outloo... Alina Chan Map: https://twitter.com/Ayjchan/status/14... NYTimes Editors email addresses: dean.baquet@nytimes.com joe.kahn@nytimes.com letters@nytimes.com

Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Dr Jonathan Jay Couey hosts Charles Rixey the ex-marine and WMD expert in a Live-stream.  Both Jonathan and Charles were members of DRASTIC (short for Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) .  As you know if you have been following this blog DRASTIC has been taken over and split by Yuri Deigin who is promoting his own genetics company for longevity and is now supported by the likes of Jamie Metzl  the gay globalist member of the Atlantic Council.  In other words, original DRASTIC members have been cast aside (voted out) and replaced by “woke” (politically correct) “investigators” who can steer the outcome.    DRASTIC had obviously become a threat to powerful interests and therefore they needed to capture and control it.

Charles Rixey wrote the introduction to Glenn Beck’s video and provided the research materials.  It was only belatedly (after public pressure) that Glenn Beck acknowledged Charles’ contribution.  I have placed the original Glenn Beck video below in case you missed it.

I believe that Jonathan is correct in realizing that the origin story is critical.  It is critical because it means these people cannot be trusted.  If they released a Gain of Function (GOF) virus either by accident or deliberately then how can they be trusted to deliver vaccines (transfections)?  They obviously have another agenda.  And Jay is correct in saying that this is a central pillar of their false story that can be smashed.

Jonathan and Charles DRASTIC (2:09)

Here is the article from Charles’ sub-stack Prometheus Shrugged:

Here is the original Glenn Beck video in case you missed it.

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie (2 hours)


Billy Bostickson the One Eyed Monkey


Here is the latest work by the One Eyed Monkey (and some of his friends).. Remember that Billy had a hand  in exposing the DAPRA grant proposal and subsequent rejection letter. Here Billy is looking at Omicron which also looks suspiciously like a lab creation rather than random mutation(s). It is becoming apparent that this was run through transgenic (humanized) mice.


Here were the comments posted by the genetic researcher Daoyu:

Also see how the bat, cat and mouse eclipses overlaps—a humanized mouse virus would be indistinguishable from a bat virus by mutational scales even for viruses that are very closely connected to each other (>99.5% similarity) and whose substitutional profiles are still dominated By the primary kinetics of the mutagenesis process in stead of selection (as in CoVs where the difference between genomes are >4% apart).Cat, dog and mouse are all overlapping with the bat oval.

This was also contributed by Daoyu:

Get you Booster

Get Your Booster


Look at this poor man.  The more boosters you get the more chance of ending up like him.  And you don’t even know the long term consequences yet although we are already seeing cancer, neurodegeneration and heart attacks in the young and healthy.  We warned you about the injuries and death (and we were right) and we warned that if you persisted with vaccinating (transfecting) during a pandemic with a non-sterilizing agent you would create escape variants (and we were right).  We warned you about that covid was a bioweapon, we told you who was behind it and why they were doing it.  What is wrong with you?   You have allowed fear to stampede you off a cliff.  Get a grip.  Where is faith and reason?  Where?

Doug Cameron – permanently paralyzed following ‘vaccination’ #BIOWEAPON – American Frontline Doctors (4 min)



This ends when you end it. Get a grip (8 min)

The New Normal

The New Normal

The New Normal is definitely not normal.  There is nothing normal about continued boosters, continued lockdowns and continued authoritarianism.

The One Eyed Monkey

The One Eyed Monkey

This is the real-deal and one of the original members of DRASTIC before it was co-opted by Yuri Degin and others intent on controlling and directing the narrative.   Many of the people I follow now were original DRASTIC members before it got corrupted.  It was getting too dangerous for the intelligence services.  The One Eyed Monkey is a great researcher and has collated a gigantic amount of info on Omicron…..just like al the emails, grants, science exposed on the original outbreak.  I have not had a chance to read it all myself yet.  Just click and follow the thread and check out the sources.

The monkey is almost as bad as the raccoons