American leadership

American leadership

Antony Blinken: the world is looking for American leadership (4 min)


Russian Tanks BREACHED Ukrainian Positions in Novomykhailivka (22 min)

Russia Unveils its Combat-Ready T-80BVM Model 2023 Tank


Haley exposes The Putin birthday plot. Borrell, EU garden in danger. Milei, shock therapy protests (40 min)

Desperate US/EU To Seize Rus Assets, Send Ukr Refugees Fight; Tighten Oil Cap, Sanction Diamonds (1:13 min)


Why “Digging In” Won’t Save Ukraine & What the West Got Wrong about Russian Defenses (25 min)




Ukraine Offensive Failed

Ukraine Offensive Failed


“Ukraine has NO men left and now they’re recruiting women to fight” | Redacted News (27 min)


A. Blinken Brought Uranium Depleted Rounds For Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.09.07 (10 min)

Oil price cap failure. Huawei chip shocks west. Blinken gifts $1B to Kiev. Russia trolls UK MoD. U/1 (36 min)

British Challenger Tank Destroyed in Ukraine + Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive (35 min)

Putin; Ukraine offensive is not stalled, it is a failure (29 min)


Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game

These people have no skin in the game.  They will not bleed. They will not die in a muddy trench. Their kids will not be sent to war.They will not freeze because their is no gas.  The neocons are criminals of the highest order. They destroyed the Middle East and now they are destroying Europe. Give them all a rifle and send them to the front line to face Russia.  That is what I would do.  This is about to escalate big time.

Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO (44 min)

Economic sanctions failure. Oil and gas price cap failure (20 min)


Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine Facing Defeat; US Sends ‘Military Inspectors’ to Ukraine (24 min)

US Sending Moth-balled Gear to Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Gather (19 min)

Scott Ritter: Crimea Bridge Attack Was a DUMB MOVE by Ukraine (4 min)


2022.11.05 The Oil Price Cap Idiocy (19 min)

U.S. Sending Nukes To Finland’s Border With Russia (6 min)