They are trying to kill us

They are trying to kill us

She is really good and lives in Holland.  Makes reference to the Dutch farmers and the big picture.   This is good stuff.

Somebody is Still Trying to Kill You, Don’t Let Them – Catherine Austin Fitts (1:03 min)

Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs

George Monbiot is a left-wing activist and writer for the Guardian.  Turns out he is a Jew.  Who would have guessed? (lolz).  Every. Single. Time.

BREAKING: You Are What You Eat (15 min)

Found the video here on Ugetube:

He put it up again and increased the speed (to throw the algo’s) but I don’t know how long it will last:

Tweet Digest

Tweet Digest

A rather eclectic ensemble but you get the idea:

Build Back Bieber

All or nothing

They knew

Eat yer bugs…no ice cream until you finish your plate

Netherlands and China (they were all at it)

Bilderberg Smilderberg

They knew part 2 (infinity)


Eat ze bugs

Eat ze bugs

The Lancet has declared that now is the time for a ‘Great Transition’ of society to focus on ‘Planetary Health.’ Prince Charles ALSO calling for a “fundamental transition” at COP26. But what is this “Great Transition,” or “Planetary Health?” And what does it have to do with food freedom? Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

The São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health

Dismal Crop Harvest Numbers (12 min)

A look at NOAA forecast for the CME that hit Earth Oct 30 & 31st vs actual event data. Wheat, oil and food costs continue to rise uncontrolled. Durum wheat shortages will affect holiday food choices, all other wheat varieties cut total yield substantially. Pakistan will not cut cooking oil import tariffs, so high prices continue there.

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Planetary KP Index… Real Time Solar Wind… MODELLING THE CORONAL MASS EJECTION—UPDATED… October 29, 2021 Wheat Report… Durum Wheat Prices… OCTOBER 29, 2021 PRICE REPORT… Spring Wheat Dec ’21 (MGEX: MWZ21)… Durum Wheat Index Cash (DWY00)… Pakistan backtracks on palm oil import taxes reduction… 2021 Soft White Wheat Crop Faced Challenging Growing Conditions… U.S. SOFT WHITE… Soft White Quality Report… 2021 U.S. DURUM CROP QUALITY DATA HIGHLIGHTS… Crop Reports… 2021 U.S. HARD RED WINTER PRODUCTION…

Convenience of Slavery

Convenience of Slavery

Being a slave is very convenient.  It is so easy. Someone else tells you what to eat, what to do and how to think. No need to exercise responsibility. Freedom and freewill is not free. Rights come with responsibilities. Much easier to be a slave. I can see the future taking shape before my eyes, why can’t others? This is in my city and it will be coming to a place near you soon.


Not only will you shop with your phone and pay with your phone, in the future your phone will tell you what you are allowed to buy. It will tell you when to quarantine.  It is smart phone.  The phone is smart but you are dumb.

Slaves don’t eat meat

The slaves get to eat “ze bugs” (Klaus Schlob) only kings eat meat.


You are being boiled slowly like the proverbial frog.  They turn the heat up gradually and it feels comfortable until it doesn’t anymore.  Your tax money and your compliance is building your prison.  They are locking you down, experimenting on you and conditioning you for your place in the NWO.  What can you do?    For one thing you can stop complying.  Stop using your phone or leave it home.   Use cash to pay for things.  And finally find like minded people and build a community.  Establish co-ops and find out were the farmers markets and farmers are and see if they are willing to accept cash.  Buy in bulk with your friends, family or neighbors – buy a side of beef or lamb and cut it in portions.   You may think I am exaggerating but it is coming as sure as night follows day. Take steps now otherwise you vil eat ze bugs.