Alien PsyOp

Alien PsyOp

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The report below looks pretty good….


Below we have a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) who I debated in the past. He does a hatchet job on the Old Testament and on Christianity equating it all as a hoax.   Here he is correct in calling UFOs a cult but he uses it to push his biases.  I left this comment on the Discord (and a similar one under his video):

The aliens are Jews😂 I knew it! The problem with CJB (as usual) is that he is partially right and he conflates everything in one big mess. Gnosticism is not Judaism it is more akin to Kabbalah (which is different to orthodox Judaism and has Gnostic elements). Christianity rejected Gnosticism and Judaism. UFO is a cult linked with Gnosticism and technocracy. CJB throws everything together in one big mix without differentiation. Some of what he says is true mixed with garbage.

Exposing the UFO Scam and the Dangerous Religious Agendas of the UFO Industry


Obviously all the PsyOps are the Jews fault 😂… (there might be some truth in that 😂)

And here is the Dark Journalist who is always worth watching for the connections that he brings up (not watched this yet).  The UFO program has connections with the technocrats and theosophy.  I think it has been used by the MIC as a cover for introducing new technologies  or experimenting on the public going as far back as operation paperclip and the recruitment of Nazi scientists.  Many of those scientists were occultists.

The Cosmos Club: UFO Bilderberg Revealed! (2:44)

Zelensky World Tour

Zelensky World Tour

Elensky in Saudi Arabia, soon Japan. Politico, freeze conflict. Boris, Macron was a lickspittle. U/1 (44 min)

Secretive Bilderberg Gathering of Global Elites Kicks Off In Portugal, Agenda Includes AI & Banking (3 min)

Zelensky world tour lands in Saudi Arabia, next stop G7 Japan (38 min)

Zelensky Makes Surprise Visit at Arab League (14 min)

Russia Storms Last Bakhmut Positions, Bombards Ukraine; US Seeks Frozen Conflict, West Prepares F16s (1:17min)

Tweet Digest

Tweet Digest

A rather eclectic ensemble but you get the idea:

Build Back Bieber

All or nothing

They knew

Eat yer bugs…no ice cream until you finish your plate

Netherlands and China (they were all at it)

Bilderberg Smilderberg

They knew part 2 (infinity)


Demystify Bilderberg

Demystify Bilderberg


Bilderberg 2022

Bilderberg 2022

The Bilderberg meeting was held today behind closed doors without media scrutiny (again).

This is the blurb on the book that one of the attendees, Anne Appelbaum  wrote. She ticks all the boxes and is Jewish and worked for the Rothschild rag The Economist. See if you can spot what is wrong with her blurb ( I bet she did not get her position through meritocracy lolz).

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author, professor, and historian offers an expert guide to understanding the appeal of the strongman as a leader and an explanation for why authoritarianism is back with a menacing twenty-first century twist.

Across the world today, from the Americas to Europe and beyond, liberal democracy is under siege while populism and nationalism are on the rise. In Twilight of Democracy, prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum offers an unexpected explanation: that there is a deep and inherent appeal to authoritarianism, strongmen, and, especially, to one-party rule--that is, to political systems that benefit true believers, or loyal soldiers, or simply the friends and distant cousins of the Leader, to the exclusion of everyone else.

People, she argues, are not just ideological, they are also practical, pragmatic, opportunist. They worry about their families, their houses, their careers. Some political systems offer them possibilities and others don't. In particular, the modern authoritarian parties that have arisen within democracies today offer the possibility of success to people who do not thrive in the meritocratic, democratic, or free-market competition that determines access to wealth and power.

Drawing on reporting in Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, and Brazil; using historical examples including Stalinist central Europe and Nazi Germany; and investigating related phenomena: the modern conspiracy theory, nostalgia for a golden past, political polarization, and meritocracy and its discontents, Anne Applebaum brilliantly illuminates the seduction of totalitarian thinking and the eternal appeal of the one-party state.

Here are the videos embedded in case the tweets go missing:

Bilderberg 2022 Meets In DC! The Agenda And Attendees Exposed!!! (1:10)

SHADE The Motion Picture