Geostorms and earthquakes

Geostorms and earthquakes

Snow Traps Residents, Closes Schools, Roads, Ski Resorts And More Is On The Way! – Geomagnetic Storm (18 min)

Severe Thunderstorm Outbreak Threatens 45 million Across The South – Coronal Hole Earthquake Watch (11 min)


3/02/2023 — Deep M6.5 Earthquake — Turkey, EU, USA, Asia, Americas NEW UNREST DUE — Be Prepared (42 min)

Experts on the Disaster (14 min)

Rapidly Shifting Scam




Water memory

Water memory

Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel prize for discovering the HIV virus and who warned everyone that the vaccine would cause autoimmunity was working on this.  It so happens that I recently posted a video on electrically structured water.

Gerald Pollack: Electrically Structured Water | EU2013

Now this:

🔥😨 Secret of WATER MEMORY 💦 (27 min)

And the documentary:

Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)-51 min

See also this:

Light and Life

Structured water device (14 min)


Earthquake unrest

Earthquake unrest

Seismic unrest rises its head yet again during a time of solar activity. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my last update, this was a choice I made based on the frenzy of disinfo and hyperinflating of the seismic news taking place across other channels here on youtube. I didn’t want to play into the hype, so I stuck to doing live updates over on twitch haphazardly for the past month.

11/02/2021 — Earthquake Unrest rises — Solar Storm + Spread of seismic taking place – Be prepared

Food and the Reset

Food and the Reset

What would a responsible government do if they knew that a natural disaster was looming?  Let us say it is about to get colder and jet streams and ocean currents are about to change. Let us say that we are about to enter a Grand Solar Minimum and growth zones around the world are about to change. Remember, it doesn’t matter how powerful your military is what do you do if you are going to struggle to feed your population?   Do you:

(a) Inform your population and gradually shift them away from a consumption directed globally dependent society towards a more decentralized one.  Get them to grow victory gardens and teach them self reliance? Build more greenhouses and use your fossil fuels for heating etc.

(b) Lie to your population and pretend the weird changes are due to man made climate change (AGW).  Shut down your food supply chains and destroy your economy.  Herd them into surveillance cities (prisons) where you can ration food and control them. Close all your fossil fuel plants and rely on renewable which will be useless in the coming cold change with increased cloud cover. Reduce your population and use food as a weapon. Shut your borders to prevent refugees fleeing famines.

It seems they have chosen option (b) so that they can reduce the population and enforce more top down authoritarianism. Is this why they are getting people used to seeing police in farmers markets?  This is clearly no longer about a virus.

Australia Runs out of Rice as Police Invade Farmers Markets

Check out the Grand Solar Minimum Crop Loss Map at Ice age Farmer.

Map of Global Average Surface Temperature Change during Little Ice Age (World)Map of Global Average Surface Temperature Change during Little Ice Age (1400-1700 compared to period 1961-1990) (SCIENCE, Vol 326, 2009).


This seems to me the most realistic reconstruction using the data from 1400-1700. The global population then was 0.7 billion we now have population of 7.8 billion.  Note that these are average temperatures and -0.9 AVERAGE in N. America is very cold. Presumably that is after averaging summer and winter temperatures.  Europe is cold and so is Australia apart from the spot where I live which is slightly warmer (lol).   However, I maintain that no one can know exactly how it will shake out. I believe that the adapt 2030 website is correct in seeing N. Africa and the Middle East as the new grow zone. I think this is why the Europeans are so interested in playing a role in “protecting” N. Africa.  So, I think that N.Africa will be warmer and wetter than the above map indicates. It will not be a full on ice age but will be very disruptive. Have a look at the following page for ice coverage areas during the last mini ice ages (which I don’t think we will get). See also the vegetation map. There are still many unknowns.

Solar, Economic and Ice Age Cycles (1037)

Experts now telling the world that Solar Cycle 25 will not live up to its expected strength, meaning a false hope forecast was given so the planet wouldn’t equate low solar activity cycles in history and famine. At the same time the inverse of 1% elite stock traders have begun to see massive holdings while main street gobbles up the excess at market highs. A look at temps during the last ice age and coast line differences vs today.


Electroquakes, Salinity Science Confirmed, Space Tornado | S0 News Sep.21.2020


Once again (just like with Dutchsinse) the   “internet mavericks” are proving to be correct. In fact main stream science is slowly (belatedly) coming to the same conclusions. The sun is linked with earthquakes. These are the scientific articles cited by Suspicious Observers: