Kabul has Fallen

Kabul has Fallen

A seven hour stream (lolz) have not had a chance to watch…..but I suggest you watch the first ten minutes to see how ridiculous and “woke” the Western mindset is.   This is the next stage of the Bridge and Road and Greater Israel.    The UK and Europe are about to be flooded with refugees.  That is part of the war on the West and Christianity.  China and the Rothschild are laughing all the way to the bank.


Kabul falling Live

Kabul falling live

After 20 years the Taliban are back in Kabul.  The Americans are humiliated.   This is all about the Bridge and Road folks.  China has already made contact with the Taliban.    First bio-warfare now this.  India feels that it is now surrounded.  Don’t be surprised if it goes hot.

The covid Bridge and vaxx Road

The covid Bridge and vaxx Road

The latest video from Dr Kevin McCairn starts with geopolitics connecting covid with the Bridge and Road and the fiasco in Afghanistan.  A rough rundown of my compressed version:

0-14: Afgahnistan-China Bridge and Road proxy war
14-21: culture war on the military
21-26: vaccine war on health insurance
26-31: Nigerian scam variant
31-32: Iceland and Israel vaccine failures
31-41: Nucleocapsid Vaccine, Kev was right

Find the article that Kevin refers to below the video as well as the link to the scientific paper that he analyzes.



Nucleocapsid Vaccine Elicits Spike-Independent SARS-CoV-2 Protective Immunity


The Afghanistan situation

Here follow some recent news articles and videos on the current situation:


It looks like China has fallen out with Israel.  Perhaps it realizes it has been stabbed in the back.  Follow the Haaretz link.


Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul