Gigaohm Biological Breakthrough(20 April)

Gigaohm Biological Breakthrough(20 April)

Highly Recommended

This stream by Jonathan Couey is highly recommend and so is the previous stream by Dr Kevin  McCairn under the Lab Chronicles tab.

Jonathan is on fire and on the verge of a big break-through.  He was contacted by someone important whose, “voice we would recognize”.   I wonder who that could be?  Perhaps the person he tweeted about recently?

Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from Children’s Health Defense. Kennedy is a son of U.S. senator Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of President John F. Kennedy. He saw them both slaughtered by the Deep State and is called an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist by Wikipedia. No higher recommendation is possible (lolz).

J.C.  was also contacted by Senator Ronald Harold Johnson is an American accountant, businessman, and politician serving as the senior United States senator from Wisconsin. A Republican, Johnson was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. Johnson chaired the Covid Opinion panel with a number of top doctors and scientists.

These are two of the subjects touched upon by Jonathan…..(shocking….shocking….)

Immunomythology Update: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief  (2:08)

Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

A nearly three hour show by Dr. Jonathan Jay Couey bringing you sound biology. He has been on track  from the beginning. To paraphrase the words with which he ended the show… “Love your neighbor, family and friends…forgive them for being bamboozled. That is a very important message and he is correct. There is an all out onslaught from the Main Stream Media, big Pharma, science and the medical establishment to indoctrinate and confuse everyone.  They have abused our trust and lied about the biology.

This is an all out attack against humanity…and against God.  Very few have not been confused and whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated we all risk the chance of disease or long-term harmful outcomes because of what they have done.

Gigaohm Biological (5 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (5 Feb)

If any of Johnathan’s videos go missing find the back-ups here:

There are two videos today. The first one is 20 mins and shows a propaganda piece with a mother and father getting their six year old children “vaccinated” (transfected with a gene therapy).  Johnathan then goes on to show a White House  spokesman being questioned about Russia by a journalist and that his response is similar to that of govt Health Officials, namely, the evidence is whatever I say it is.  Who are you to question me?

Gigaohm Biological: LIVE REPORT (20 min)

The next video is a two hour show. Among other things Johnathan shows clips from the Netherlands where young parliamentarian Gideon van Meijeren sends a minor to a vaccination station and secretly records what is happening.  Jonathan does a pretty good job of translating the Dutch.

Gigaohm Biological (5 Feb) – 1:58

The Beast System has its people in every country.

Dutch MP Gideon van Meijeren confronts PM Rutte on his connections w/ Klaus Schwab


Here are the links that Johnathan refers to at the end of the video:


Jonathan commented that the nurse (?) said that they had effectively used mRNA vaccines/techniques on cancer.  Really?   Really?  They certainly tried it at the Hutch and killed everyone in the trial (lolz).  Very effective.  See this older article:

Computer and human viruses

Gigaohm Biological (4 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (4 Feb)

I have not watched this yet but I will.  Things are happening so fast now and I am usually doing two or three things at once. Researching, reporting, blogging, tweeting and watching videos all at the same time (usually on double speed).   This way I get all the important material in one place and can watch at my leisure.  We are being overwhelmed with information and I try to filter the most reliable into my blog.

My advice is to refresh your browser every now and then to catch any updates that I may add to blog pages.

My comments after watching:

This was brilliant. Jonathan analyzes Christine Grady (wife of Fauci) lecture she gave ten years ago where she subjected bioethics to the “common good” and even talks about communitarianism.

Common good

Gigaohm Biological (4 Feb)


Gigaohm Biological (24 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological (24 Jan)

Another great stream which has inspired an important spin-off article on Matthew Crawford’s hypothesis (The Omicron Hypothesis Part 1 and 2) which I will post shortly.  Jonathan presents a good overview of the biology and the social engineering that has got us here.

Gigaohm Biological (2:06)

Well, according to Yuval Harari we don’t need freewill and our behavior is completely predictable and programmable.  Who needs biology?  I can’t wait for this brave new world that our (predominantly Jewish) overlords are building for us.

Gravitas: Artificial wombs are coming!(4 min)

Gigaohm Biological (26 Dec)

Gigaohm Biological (26 Dec)

A three hour Boxing day show in which among other things  Jonathan takes apart a TWiV video and also contends with a very dumb troll in chat.  The shill in the bow tie (Daniel?) who is talking to Rancid Yellow has a funny eye.  I sure he was OK a few weeks ago. He has iris heterochromia – could be congenital, or acquired from intraocular inflammation or possibly from topical glaucoma medication use ,mostly from retinal vascular occlusions of some kind, or stroke. Perhaps he had his booster?    What does it say….the false shepherd has his eye darkened.  No sympathy with people who want to inject children. Another 3 year old died yesterday (in Brazil) straight after the vaxx.

Gigaohm Biological (20 Dec)

Gigaohm Biological (20 Dec) 1:50 min

He is back. Johnathan is back again and he is going to sharpen us so that we are the tip of the spear so to speak. We will have a firm foundation and be able to answer any questions on immunology.

Wow.  He introduces Kevin McKenan and in future episodes will talk about methylating mRNA uracil to pseudouridine.  I can’t wait.