Al-Shifa Hospital Siege

Al-Shifa Hospital Siege

Al-Shifa Hospital Siege; Muslim States Press Ceasefire; ICC Referral Israel; Calls Zelensky Ouster (1:22 min)


Putin’s redline is DEVASTATING for the unipolar order, and he’s not BLUFFING | Redacted News (15 min)


Nord Stream coordinator caught. Macron, next month will decide war. Arab League split on Gaza. U/1 (42 min)

Russia, Kazakhstan alliance and Reindustrialization. Putin in Rostov, confidence grows (18 min)

10 HUGE Gaza Lies Israel Wants You To Believe w/ Due Dissidence (20 min)


West Admits Ukraine is Losing, Little Can Be Done to Change this Fact (40 min)


Zelensky World Tour

Zelensky World Tour

Elensky in Saudi Arabia, soon Japan. Politico, freeze conflict. Boris, Macron was a lickspittle. U/1 (44 min)

Secretive Bilderberg Gathering of Global Elites Kicks Off In Portugal, Agenda Includes AI & Banking (3 min)

Zelensky world tour lands in Saudi Arabia, next stop G7 Japan (38 min)

Zelensky Makes Surprise Visit at Arab League (14 min)

Russia Storms Last Bakhmut Positions, Bombards Ukraine; US Seeks Frozen Conflict, West Prepares F16s (1:17min)

Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East

“Peace in the Middle East is sending Western Globalists and Israel into a tailspin.” (1:22min)

Syria Welcomed Back Into Arab League & U.S. FLIPS OUT (13 min)

Arab Countries Policy Change Towards Syria: A New Vision and Strategic Shifts (9 min)

Pakistan is dying (and that is a global problem)-15 min

Here’s Why The World Hates America (6 min)

Israel attacks Syria

Israel attacks Syria

Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria

Without Trial, Without Charge | What Is Administrative Detention? (7 min)

Ursula von Der Leyen’s Racist Comment on Arabs (5 min)

BREAKING NEWS – Arab League readmits Syria as relations with Bashar Assad normalize (6 min)

Turkey may have a new president, what will change? (13 min)