Funding Death

Funding Death

Scott Ritter: Ukraine Collapsing In Plain Sight. (35 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Congress Funding Death in Gaza and Ukraine (38 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine: What Happens Now? (32 min)

Ukr Disastrous Day: Rus Controls 50% Ocheretino, Ukr Admits Novomikhailovka Lost, Budanov Crisis (1:26 min)


Ukraine aid may slow Russian advance. MIC payday and no audit. Lord of the Rings & Axis of Evil

Sahra Wagenknecht and the new left in Germany (18 min)












Igg4 and innate immunity

Igg4 and innate immunity

This was still live at the time of posting so I don’t know how long it is.  What interests me in particular is the mention of Igg4 and class switching.

After booster 4 something called Igg4 is permanently active it’s like allergy shots but for the covid spike. It tells your body there is nothing wrong with the covid spike and to leave it alone. If another more fatal strain should appear those with igg4 will mount no effective immune response. Whether true or not, I warned two years ago that they were aiming to make people dependent on vaccines using the model of Marek disease in chickens.

LIVE – Breaking @I_Am_JohnCullen, mRNA Vet Letter of Concern, & Weaponized PRIONS (Fibrinoloids)

This was the Douglas Macgregor interview that Dr. McCairn referred to:

Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine…

They are all dead

They are all dead


Farage canceled. Macron, Elton John concert. Lavrov doubts sanity of west. Bono, Elensky merch. U/1 (37 min)

“They’ve all been killed, it’s OVER”- Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News (17 min)

Russia’s “Civil War” Evaporates as Ukraine’s Offensive Enters Week 4 (31 min)

MSM Admits Prigozhin Affair Leaves Putin Stronger, Kiev Survey Huge Ukr Losses, No to Istanbul Terms (48 min)




Oh SH*T, we’re out of bullets!” – Ukraine admits the truth in the war (14 min)


Trump Urges U.S. “TO PRAY” Following Nukes. UN Blocks Nord Stream Investigation. (14 min)

End of unipolarity w/ Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen (26 min)

Russia’s Spring offensive on Ukraine – Kevork Almassian with Peter Lavelle (25 min)


Douglas Macgregor: The Future of Warfare is Devastation (52 min)











Everyone Should Be Afraid of War

Everyone Should Be Afraid of War

Michael Savage calls Douglas Macgregor: Everyone Should Be Afraid of War (56 min)

Modi insists Blinken meet Lavrov at G20. QUAD begins to unravel (22 min)


Bakhmut Ukraine Retreats; Outnumbered 10-1 Artillery, Kiev Begs Shells, Angry India Criticises US (1:16)

‘Divide and Conquer’ – Let’s Talk About U.S. Foreign Politics (4 min)