Climate Scam

Climate Scam

Is the climate changing?   You bet, it is about to change rapidly and for some regions the changes will be disastrous.  It will bring extremes of flooding and cold as well as heat and drought.  There will be increased volcanic and seismic activity.  In general (average temps) it will get cooler.  There will be crop failures and infrastructure failures. They cannot stop what is coming only make it worse.  And they will.  They intend to benefit from the chaos and allow as many people as possible perish.

These next videos by David DuByne are very good.  They focus on the Summer forecast for the Northern Hemisphere (USA) but the info is there for the Southern Hemisphere (Australia) as well.  Recommended.

(1/2) Summer Forecast 2023: Climate Lockdowns Ahead Due to Natural Catastrophes (22 min)

(2/2) Summer Forecast 2023: Climate Lockdowns Ahead Due to Natural Catastrophes (23 min)

Earthquake in Melbourne last night

Popocatépetl Volcano Continues To Erupt! – Severe Weather Threat – Albino Bison – Camas Geoglyphs

Disaster 6000 Years Ago | China Event (2 min)

Missoula Floods – The Channeled Scablands, Was The Biggest Flood In The World With Geologic Evidence (55 min)


This video is 3 days old but his theory on the earth core being plasma and receiving its charge from the sun is one that I agree with.  It is not “molten Iron” that is impossible as such depths and pressures there would be no convection.

5/25/2023 — Large M6.6 Earthquake strikes Central America Panama Colombia – Expected region struck (26 min)

Magnetic Excursions

Magnetic Excursions

Magnetic Excursions & Evolutionary Leaps – The Science Behind Evolutionary Theory – Facts vs Fiction

A very good video.  You can call it punctuated equilibrium if you want but I prefer rapid creation (lolz).  I believe that the changes are not random but acts of destruction and re-creation. There are periods when the earth is “without form and void” followed by the spirit “vibrating” on the face of the waters.  You want to call it plasma and radiation changing DNA then I am OK with that but it is not random.  It is the wisdom and the power of God at work. Beginnings and endings but every ending is a new beginning.

NASA: “EVERYONE’S Lying!! North Americas Worst Disaster Is About To Happen! (22 min)

I placed this comment under the video: 

Great video very informative. As we speak California is being inundated with snow. Drought will be the least of their problems. The climate models do not reflect reality because they do not take into account the ongoing magnetic excursion which influences the jet streams and the atmospheric rivers. The global electric circuit is changing and the geomagnetic poles are headed towards the bay of Bengal which will have a effect on the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) among other things. Space weather will have an increasing effect on the global climate (not the minuscule amount of CO2 we emit).

Wrong Modelling

Wrong Modelling

There are so many contrary forces at work that it is difficult to figure out exactly what is going on and that is exactly what they want.  The whole “climate” thing is being used to fulfill an agenda.  The climate modelling is wrong, but is that due to incompetence or on purpose?  On top of that we have geoengineering and huge natural changes.  Space weather effects the magnetic excursion and the global electric circuit including the jet streams etc. Increased cosmic radiation effects the ozone layer and seismic activity.  Volcanoes spew dust, CO2 and SO2 etc into the atmosphere.  


Eastern Pacific Ocean is cooling NOT warming! Are the climate models wrong?? (11 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift & Ozone, Earthquake, Cold and Snow | S0 News Nov.13.2022 (3 min)

11/12/2022 — SEISMIC OVERDRIVE — Another deep M7.0 Earthquake strikes on top of the other FOUR (43 min)

HAARP for Dummies (1:23)



The chances of a La Niña three-peat this winter have increased Current Westwide Snowpack More Than 3000% of Normal in Some Areas Significant rain, snowfall on tap for Glacier Park GFS Model Total Snow Northwest US

LA NIÑA ADVISORY – Current Westwide Snowpack More Than 3000% of Normal in Some Areas (4 min)

Food Reduction

Food Reduction

2021 Hurricane forecast is based on continuing La Nina conditions in the Pacific, but there are huge irregularities in high and low pressure systems through the oceans. Add in the fact that agriculture is being hit with wave after wave of out of season cold waves, this has all the fingerprints to atmospheric disturbances beginning as we have seen in the outer planets over the last 18 months.

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Cold ocean La Nina is now weakening, with a shift in power likely facing the ENSO region on the way into Summer and next into Autumn… Temperature Swings Southern Europe… Europe April major snow for the Alps, Balkans, and the High Tatras… United States cold blast, spring snow for Dakotas and the Rockies… Grimsvotn volcano Iceland is on a yellow alert… UK extreme cold April… Near record cold across europe… Slovenia all-time national record -20 °C, numerous nearly 100 years old records broken extreme cold across Europe April 2021… MONSTER SNOWDRIFTS BLOCK SCOTTISH ROADS, SOUTHERN CROATIA SEES FIRST APRIL SNOW EVER, AS WHITEHORSE SNOWPACK REACHES 300% OF NORMAL… A HISTORICAL DAY IN SPLIT Croatia This is the first snow cover in April ever…

Soufrière St. Vincent: Powerful Eruptions Continue – Worldwide Volcano News Update – ORP Shut-Down

Soufrière St. Vincent volcano update: powerful eruptions continue GOES Satellite Caribbean GEOCOLOR Loop Soufrière St. Vincent volcano update: eruption plumes continue to advance further E-SE Asia Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La Réunion, France): 3rd fissure vent opened at current eruption site Semisopochnoi volcano (Aleutian Islands): continuing ash emissions, Aviation Color Code raised to Red Stronger harmonic tremor reported in Fagradalsfjall mountain eruption Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes Meet Cassidy – Rest In Peace San Luis Valley Seed Exchange


Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat

I have never seen such constant activity.  We have another series of magnitude 6.0+ striking.

9/12/2020 — Multiple M6.0+ earthquakes strike AGAIN in the past 2 days — MAJOR SEISMIC UNREST

9/12/2020 — West Coast Fires Update — “PYRO LOW” system forms — Smoke forecast projections


Suspicious observers

Gulf Storm Risk, Magnetic Excursion Core, Solar Forcing | S0 News Sep.13.2020

La Nina Arrives, Volcanic – Climate – Solar Storm Risk | S0 News Sep.12.2020


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