While the retards in congress are waving all the little Ukraine flags handed to them by the lobbyists, all celebrating the last payday to the MIC, brigades in Ukraine are in mutiny. How is that “Heavenly Jerusalem” (2.0) project going?   BlackRock (Rothschild) already owns 30% of Ukraine. What are you going to do when Putin decides to take it all because he knows that he cannot trust you.  Oops.  I think you miscalculated  (lolz).  Looks to me like “Big Israel” and “Little Israel” will get their behind kicked.






















The Bloom | Novobakhmutivka Has Fallen | A Crisis In The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.04.23 (22 min)

Ukr Ocheretino Collapse, Brigades Mutiny, Retreat Without Orders; China With Rus, Rejects Sanctions (1:28 min)

Russia captures Ocheretino. WSJ, Graham convinced Trump on $61B. Greece pressure give up Patriots (27 min)

Bad cop Blinken to deliver ultimatum to China (20 min)


Kyle Anzalone: US Troops to Ukraine? (29 min)

Desperate and Reckless

Desperate and Reckless

Medvedev, no hiding for Macron. WSJ; Macron gets tough with Putin. Elensky needs 25 Patriots (31 min)

Rus Fighting Inside, Outflanking Chasov Yar; France Threats Rus Enter Ukr, Rus Says No; Lavrov China (1:22 min)

Ukraine’s Ammunition Crisis Persists as Western Desperation Grows (37 min)

Biden calls Netanyahu. Biden calls Xi Jinping (16 min)

Fists of Fury

Fists of Fury


Russia ‘Smashes’ Kyiv’s Incursion Plot Amid Moscow Attack Fury; Mega Missile Roar Near Belgorod (3 min)

Trump, end the war. Ukraine demands Patriots. US angry with Macron. Putin inner circle leaks info (34 min)

Rus Crocus Inv Focus Ukr, Intel Chief Danilov Sacked, Rus Heaviest Bombing Kharkov, Odessa Blackouts (1:14 min)


US capital under siege

US capital under siege

Short 3 minute video.  It is probably staged because they gained access to  the capitol building way too easily.  The Trump supporters were also infiltrated by Antifa.  This is probably so that they can call for martial law.

This had a video of Trump saying he understood everyone being angry because they were cheated out of the election but he wanted them to act lawfully and go home peacefully.  It was removed from twitter because the language might incite violence.  Trump was censored.  This is all Kabuki. All FAKE.


Meanwhile in London

A 92 year old arrested outside the Julian Assange trial for protesting.  They needed 18 mask wearing police. They should have used mace and truncheons.  He looks dangerous. They might have caught a germ.

Living in the Matrix

You can’t believe anything they tell you.


The first casualty

As they say, the first casualty of war is the truth. It is always very difficult to find out what happened or why it happened. Often the truth only emerges afterwards.   There have been further attacks by the US against Iranian targets.



A fuller account can be found here; Round Two: US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders



There is a lot of propaganda out there.   In some of the comments sections you get either  Hasbara trolls (directly from Tel Aviv) or their Iranian counterparts or USA yippee-ki-yay pro-war – totally inappropriate responses.

How did all this start?    We are told that it started with the death of a mercenary contractor.    We are told that the CIA Iranians have been stirring up protests. The spontaneous peoples protests that happened in Iran at the end of November last year saw the burning of 731 banks. Anyone else find that unusual? cui bono?. Don’t believe everything anything that they tell you.


We will never know who was behind the embassy storming.  Was it Iran?   Interestingly, Trump has said (tweeted) that he will not allow another Benghazi.  In other words, he will not let “terrorists” storm the embassy (like Hillary did when she abandoned the Libyan embassy).    Of course, this goes down well with his supporters and will counter the protests – “but Trump said we should not be fighting in the ME”  – yeah but, “what did you expect?   The US had to respond to aggression.  We can’t have another Benghazi.”    Don’t forget that 2020 is an election year.  If he can look like he is reluctantly dragged into war……


This video is very pro-Trump propaganda but it does make some valid points.   John Kerry does have a close relationship, the NYT story is curious, Obama did repay billions to Iran (from their own frozen assets) etc.   However, seeing this all as part of a deep state plot that embraces the impeachment is a bit much.  This is how it is being spun to the “patriots” (the Q Anon followers):

Trump & The Patriots Sent A Message, [DS] Event Countered – Episode 2061b


Was it the death of a contractor that started all this or was it something else? Iraq’s PMU forces launch anti-terror operation in Nineveh province, secure 8 villages      We may never know. 

One commentator remarked; “The unknowns in this vague story, like so many, should incite questions not martial polarity. Too many in the public do not know what is really happening but will wish death to innocents. The foundation for the violence is based on the most important historical event of the twenty-first century. Interesting that nearly two decades after the event it is still not taught in high schools or universities. What really happened that day (9/11)?” It was therefore not the death of a “contractor” that started all this.   And the “narrative” that you are being fed is only part of the story.  Moreover, never forget that Israel will fight to the death (of the last American).