Jan 20

Uncle Sam kicked out?


There was a letter circulating indicating that the US would withdraw from Iraq. This was later denied/corrected by the Government.










Chaos: Pentagon Denies "Poorly Worded" Iraq Withdrawal Letter, Esper Says "No Decision To Leave Iraq, Period"

‘No decision to leave Iraq’? Pentagon officials contradict each other over ‘poorly worded’ US withdrawal plan sent by ‘mistake’






The letter was unsigned and the the USMC would never announce force deployments on a plain text document.   This is either deliberate disinformation, sabotage by Trump enemies (Democrats) or indicative of a split within his government between neocons and more reasonable people.   Who knows?






America will continue bringing peace and freedom

Thankfully America will stay and deliver the blessings of peace and democracy to the region.  They will teach the uncivilized Persians the Art of the Deal.  They will bring torture, death and destruction wherever they tread.

WW1= 5 years,  WW2= 6 years,Vietnam = 10 years Afghanistan = 19 years, Iraq =29 years, WW3= 2 hours.




Saying Thank You

You must not forget to say thank you to those who guard your freedom. Like Gina Haspel who was appointed head of the CIA by Trump.  Nice to see a woman's touch....all that nurturing almost makes me weak at the knees. Gina Haspel ran Black Site Rendition Torture Camps. What Happened at the Thailand 'Black Site' Run by Trump's CIA Pick?


The Senate's 2014 report on torture details what "enhanced interrogation" really entailed.




I don't hate the Anglo-Zionists, the Americans, the Jews, the Muslims or anyone else for that matter. I hate the lies.   We all need to wake up.   We do not live in democracies.  There is no difference between left and right.  We are being played and ruled by psychopaths and oligarchs and the only thing they care about is power.  Even the judiciary is corrupt.....look at poor Julian Assange.   What a foul time we live in.....judgement is coming soon. God hears our prayers for justice. We may not all be guilty but we are all responsible for the world we live in.   We all like to fill our car with cheap petrol (but at what ultimate cost?) and we are all consumers.....and we consume everything.   Fair enough, neither you or I made this system and neither you nor I can change it.  But we can change ourselves.  And each of us can speak truth to his neighbor (the consequences be damned). And we can stand up for the underdog.  And we can reject all the foul divisive cultural Marxist nonsense. All those changes of behavior are called repentance.  Repentance is not just saying "I am sorry".   Repentance is the first step in returning to God.