Boris plots return

Boris plots return

We really are in clown world. Why not send your money directly to Ukraine or Perhaps elect Zelensky and cut out the middle man.


Boris plots return, but regime change plotters want Keir Starmer (21 min)

You really need to be more patriotic and brush up on your Nazi songs:

Video: Ukraine Soldiers Sing Praises Of WW II Era N@zi (5 min)

Russia Advances in Donbass

Russia Advances in Donbass

Russia Advances in Donbass, UK Johnson Tells Zelensky Continue War, $3 Billion in Weapons from MIC (46 min)

Is European Ban on Russian Oil Even Working? (4 min)

Thursday August 25th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg (1:12)

Boris Johnson as NATO chief

Boris Johnson as NATO chief

Instead of casting him into outer darkness where he belongs it looks like they have promoted one Jewish clown (who thinks he is Churchill) because he is the handler of the other Jewish clown.  Expect it to get worse…a lot worse.  The West will fight till the blood of  the last Ukrainian is spilled.  Sending women and men up to the age of 60 to the front-line. Meanwhile…the only one shooting at Zelensky is Vogue with their cameras.  All your money is being siphoned off while they crash the system.

Boris Johnson To Become NATO Secretary General. Ukraine BEGS U.S for Gas Under LEND LEASE (24 min)

Ukraine Defences Collapsing in Donetsk, Ukraine Again Hits Kherson Bridges, EU Running Out of Gas (1:00)


Mene Mene

Mene Mene

Their days are numbered, they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting (Dan 5:25).

Boris’ days as UK PM are numbered, Putin regime change plan backfires (24 min)

String of Ukrainian Defeats, Putin Open for Talks as UK’s Johnson ABOUT TO FALL (25 min)

Kiev’s Forces Counterattack From Flanks, While Russian Advance Stuck In Donbass (6 june)

Losing On Donbass Front Lines, Kiev Launches Diplomatic Battle

Artillery Battles Rage In Southern Ukraine (Russian Artillery Special Report) 12 min

Patrick is embedded with the Russian Army In Kherson Region (therefore pro-Russian propaganda) and In this report the Russian Army Fires Artillery On Ukrainian Army Positions In Dnipropetrovsk Region Of Ukraine. They walk me though the process and explain how they know the shells will be hitting Ukrainian military targets and how it is not possible for them to hit civilians.

What a mess

What a mess

Boris Johnson loses interest in UK as economy craters, war with Russia top priority (18 min)

Scott Ritter: “Ukraine Is More NATO Today Than It Has Ever Been” (3 min)

Polish Troops Spotted in East Ukraine, Ukrainian Refugee STEALS UK Womans Husband! (18 min)

Debunking the “Debunkers” – Ukrainian M777 Howitzers Attacked (8 min)

Ukraine Fires Incendiary(Phosphorus) shells On Civilian Homes says Residents (23 min)

UK Column News – 23rd October 2020

UK Column News – 23rd October 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

00.21 – Boris Johnson Thanks The Chancellor: – Are we heading for Universal Basic Income?


Boris Johnson Statement: –…

03:37: – Sky News Catches Up with UK Column


Sky News Article: –…

ONS COVID 19 Monthly Mortality Surveillance: –…

07:32: – Bio-surveillance Searching Sewage for Early warning of SARS-CoV-2 – switching the narrative again


Sewage Sampling Article: –…

Proof OF Testing Concept: –

Applied Sciences Article: –…

Smart Article: –…

14:04: – Video Report on the U.S. Election


21st Century Wire 2020 U.S. Election Analysis: –

15:15: – Council Funding (again and again and again)


Robert Jenrick Statement: –…

Andy Burnham Statement: –

17:00: – Welsh Lockdown – essential items only in stores for the next two weeks is this a move towards fu


Retail Gazette Article: –…

22:05: – Resumption of Brexit “trade” talks??


David Ellis Report: –

EU/UK Institutional Arrangements: –

26:40: – UK Conservative Party Political Support for The U.S. Democrats 


Sajid Javid Article (No Paywall): –

31:47: – Is the U.S. election heading towards a corrupt result? Is there an agenda to cause widespread civil unrest?  


Telegraph Article (No Paywall): –

Fox News Article: –…

Election Integrity Project: –

Gene Sharp From Dictatorship To Democracy: –…

Guardian Article: –…

21stCenturyWire Article: –…

Sunday Wire 341: –…

2020 Election Edge: –

44:20: – Hunter Biden’s Secret Emails and the MSM Blackout (total partisan corruption of the meainstream media)


Mew York Post (censored) Article: –…

Boston Herald Article: –…

NPR Tweet: –

48:40: – The Many Faces of Joe Biden – Politics is the new Hollywood

53:30: – The Atlantic Future Forum – The Militarisation of Society


Jan Stoltenberg Statement: –

Forces Net Article: –

Eugenicists and madmen

Eugenicists and Madmen

The NWO  is made up of eugenicists and madmen have a look at Boris Johnson’s father who had six children lecturing us all on population control and writing a book in the 80’s about using a virus and vaccines for population control.






This is what they think of us

We are useless mouth breathers a disgusting plague on the planet they can’t even stand the stench of the masses.  Watch this short clip from the Matrix.



Would you be surprised if I told you they were Jews?



UK Column News – 25th September 2020

UK Column News – 25th September 2020

0:44 Conflict of interests
Patrick Vallance has 6k shareholding in vaccines
4:20 Big Pharma advising government
They are all compromised
Imperial college and Welcome Trust
funded (or connected) to the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Sir Patrick Vallance CSO former head of GSK
Chris Whitty CMO board member of Gates funded CEPI vaccine coalition
Kate Bingham on board of DDF investment
9:02 T Cells Immunity
We already have herd immunity
11:52 Matt Hancock- THEY ADMIT
Government strategy all about vaccines
12:59 Conversation in the United States
Dr Scott Atlas head of CoronaVirus task force
There is T Cell immunity
15:05 Believe the science
16:52 Nest of Vipers….Chris Whitty
18:15 NHS app -track and trace
21:46 The contact tracing app is not mandated (yet)
mixed messages
23:17 Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the exchequer
Job support scheme from November
Only 22% paid by gov
Institute for Government
Only save some jobs
27:29 Mark Carney former Governor BOE
If you are on the wrong side you will go bankrupt
No credit extended
29:42 2 Trillion debt
100% of GDP
33:00 Students lockdown for Xmas
37:33 Updated infection fatality -survial rates for Covid19.
39:42 90% of Coronavirus tests are not fale positives
41:40 false Positives
Prof Carl Heneghan – false positives could be as high as 50%
42:45 Are they right? Yes…but…(ha, ha)
Being disingenuous
47:39 Hospital admissions
51:27 When is covid Covid?
54:24 Boris Johnson

Two minute out takes for Twitter

UK Column News – 23rd September 2020

UK Column News – 23rd September 2020

The lies are coming thick and fast now as the fascist takeover and regionalization is accelerating.  More lockdown and the fusion of police and military.  The creation of strong cities and the implementation of communtarianism.  Complete loss of freedom as the Beast System is gradually unrolled.   The money power is behind it ….specifically the Jews. The politicians are all compromised, corrupted puppets.