The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Over the last two days I have seen threats and threatening language directed at the unvaccinated by Joe Biden, senator Jacqui Lambie and Israeli PM Bennett.ย  They are all reading from the same Rothschild and WEF script.ย  They have been instructed to tell the public that the gloves are off. They are obviously concerned about your health (lolz). Even though the vaccines are not working:


They care about you

Bennett is an American Jew and even more of a creep than Bibi. The vaccines are working really well in Israel:


They care about the economy and the NWO

They do not care if you live or die. All they care about is digital ID.ย  In order to get everyone into the One Health Agenda and get everyone a “vaccine passport” they need to get everyone vaccinated.ย  They cannot launch their digital currency until everyone has a “passport” or some sort of ID that is linked to their person. This is an excellent thread on the subject.ย  It is all about the economy and the NWO.ย  Follow the thread:


Notification: Vaxx Status Oz

Notification: Vaxx Status Oz

I encourage Australians to download the form and send it by registered mail.ย  Whether you want the vaccine or not your status is your business and should remain private.



This is no longer about vaccines but about apartheid and “papers please”. They want to create a class of Untermensch. It should be stopped immediately. They want to drive a wedge even between families. These people are evil. They released a bio-weapon to achieve this.


This is how the French do it


Trucking and protests

Trucking and protests

The Trucking protests are not being mentioned on Australian news but it seems that they are happening. The police are deliberately blocking communication and intelligence services are removing Social media reports.ย  However, the road blockages have been showing up on Google maps.


The police have said that it was caused by a motorbike accident.ย  Why no cars?ย  Apparently diverted.

Do you think the sudden outbreak of cases among truckers might be connected? (lolz)

Note how the truckers are targeted in the Press Conference.


Protests in France

OOh la, la….those Frenchies are stirring it again.

Outside the MHRA in London



Vive la France

Vive la France

The French are resisting en mass but the protests are not being televised. The French Government does not care about the protests as they are driving through the changes irrespective.ย  It is the same all over the world.ย  And you thought that you lived in democracies? There is nowhere to run.ย  This has nothing to do with vaccines anymore. Pure totalitarianism. So what if the economy collapses?ย  They want it to collapse.ย  You will own nothing and be on UBI.ย ย  You are the ultimate product.


Macron said he was going to rule like Jupiter. Jupiter is amused.

Gigaohm Biological 12 Aug

Gigaohm Biological 12 Aug

Jonathan Jay Coueyย  is a great educator.ย  His analogies are elucidating and memorable. He gives a master class in immunology 101.ย  He often repeats sections which is a good thing forย  slow learners like me, but he always adds interesting new material.

In this show Jay offers commentary on the social engineering and psychological manipulation that got us to this point.ย  The show also carries an article about people falsifying vaccine cards. This is, of course propaganda in order to usher in more intrusiveย  methods that are foolproof (sic) like a chip or, retina scan for example. So Jay (and Kevin and many others) was correct when he said:

  • The vaccines would not work and cause escape variants
  • Gaming vaccine ID would be used as an excuse for invasive ID

They are nowย  coming for the kids. In Israel the booster shot (which is already failing) is just the repurposed Pfizer shot.ย  It is not a new vaccine (gene therapy). So they have had three doses of the same stuff and it still not working. Einstein said the definition of insanity was repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome.ย  They are insane.



Jay has a clip of Dr Malone the developer of mRNA technologies warning about the danger of continued vaccination.ย  They are destroying immunological diversity and encouraging escape variants and ADE.


The establishment is now attacking Dr Malone:

Joe Rogan speaks out

Joe Rogan speaks out


Rogan is popular and has a huge platform.ย  This is breaking into the mainstream now.ย  The truth will out.

Breakthrough Cases and Vaccine Passports

Changing narrative

It is falling apart before our eyes. The emperor has no clothes. Even the dumb masses can see that the emperor is naked. You just watch the narrative change.ย  You can expect a massive move towards war because they cannot admit how corrupt the institutions have become.ย  They will blame China.ย  Millions will die and they will make off with the loot again….and they get to write the history books again.ย ย  Not this time.ย  Not this time.ย 


Protests Galore

Protests Galore

More and more people are protesting as they realize what the future holds. They do not report on any protests on the MSM a total blackout. Protests are ongoing as we speak.ย  Soon they will censor everything or shut down the internet. They even want to read your text messages.ย  They are after full spectrum dominance. The only truth is their truth. I have been selective because there are protests in many countries.




โ€ŒPapers Please!

โ€ŒPapers Please!

The looming threat of vaccine passports have been a constant companion over the past year, sending chills down the collective spines of anyone with even the slightest value of liberty. While a large scale rollout is still on the horizon, we are starting to see these things issued in various places, and they’re pretty much exactly what everyone has feared.

While New York State’s voluntary app has proven to be a logistical nightmare, with its many shortcomings making it almost unusable, Israel’s Green Pass has already started to create a two-tiered society, with stark contrast between the haves and the have-nots (vaxxed and unvaxxed) and Naomi Wolf is sounding dire warnings about “the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

Yet the plans of the elites are not without resistance. Gov. DeSantis of Florida has taken an executive action against vaccine passports and even the WHO has dismissed the idea as discriminatory. Meanwhile, the UK has said that the Covid passports will only be a ‘short-term’ measure until the covetted herd immunity has been reached (if you trust them on this, you might want do a little research into the history of ‘temporary’ government powers).

Join us for another rousing discussion on this episode of the Objective:Health show.
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โ€ŒPapers Please! Vaccine Passports and the Death of Human Liberty

Direct Link:

Mark of the Beast

Of course, the so called “conspiracy” theorists were correct all along.ย  The vaccine passport is the prelude to chipping (or some such technique) everyone.ย  They will start by introducing paper verification or smart phones. Then they will move onto a unique ID that will be implanted somehow.ย  You will be told that it is for your safety and convenience.




Vaccine Passports

Vaccine Passports

There are 240 vaccines under development. Gonna need a lot of certificates or passports.ย  I know we will put it on our smart phones. But what if you get a flat battery when you are out?ย  I know we will give everyone some sort of bodyย  ID (Mark of the Beast). Do you see how that works?ย ย  They are conducting the world’s largest clinical trials and I can guarantee you that the data is being analyzed by AI. The end goal is trans humanism.ย  Man becomes a god through technological augmentation.ย  These people are insane.