Continued Offensive

Continued Offensive


SnowStorm | Russians Captured Pobieda. Poland-Ukraine Border Escalation. Military Summary 2024.02.21 (30 min)

Putin Orders Continued Offensive, Ukr Kherson Disaster Rus Takes Krynky, Pobeda, Advances Liman (1:24 min)

Krynki captured. Pelosi, Putin top 4 evil people. Farmers; Putin help us. Tucker, Boris wants $1M (45 min)

Munich in despair as EU sinks, Russia surges and Trump looms (28 min)

Biden, ‘I understand power’

Biden, ‘I understand power’


Why Giving Ukraine Longer-Range Missiles Will Make No Difference (27 min)


Rus Offensive Coming UK Says, Avdeyevka, Liman Advances, Kiev AD Collapse; West Shocked; F16 Delay (1:18 min)

Biden, ‘I understand power.’ Haley, The Putin will invade Poland. UK will punish N. Korea (40 min)

Long range missiles and Zaluzhny panic (27 min)

How Israel Destroyed Arab-Jewish Communities (Ft. Ilan Pappé) -4 min


Magic Money and Deniability

Magic Money and Deniability

No magical pot. WaPo; Ukraine losing, blame game begins. The Putin, Macron, Elensky; Rizz score. U/1 (46 min)

Rus Advances Bakhmut, Liman, Avdeyevka; UK: Marinka Falling: Zaluzhny: Ukr Needs 17M Shells, $400B (1:25 min)

US Seeking Plausible Deniability as US-Armed Israel Erases Gaza (16 min)

Zelensky – Zaluzhny, power struggle (31 min)


Oil War

Oil War

We are officially in an oil war (USA vs OPEC) 10 min


Russia Wrests Initiative from Ukraine, Advances on Liman, Conducts Nuclear Drills,Threatens Starlink (1:06)

Russian (LPR) Forces Heavy Battle Combat Training For Advancing On Kharkov Ukraine (21 min)


Russia Reveals HOW Ukraine Will STAGE DIRTY BOMB Attack, “MASSIVE Retaliatory Strikes” Practiced (25 min)

They are sounding the alarm that this is going to get DANGEROUS | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

Putin just did the UNTHINKABLE and they’re ignoring it, again | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)





Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Signs of Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass as Liman Falls to Russia (36 min)

Putin signs ROYALTIES for Roubles decree! – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Russia Bans HUNDREDS of Prominent US Citizens From Entering Country (16 min)

Biden knew what would happen and did it anyway (3 min)

Let’s talk about the news w/Gonzalo Lira (Live) -2:29 min