EU elections. Macron’s chance to rule Europe. Politico, Biden family & staffers under scrutiny (37 min)

Rus Captures Chasov Yar District, Ukr Retreats; Biden Macron Tense Talks: US/EU States No Troops Ukr (1:24 min)


“Something HUGE is about to happen” and U.S. dominance is on the line | Redacted w Clayton Morris (15 min)

Elections India, South Africa and Mexico (19 min)

Douglas Macgregor WARNING: US Unveils Hypersonic Missile, threaten to Russia and Nuclear Escalation (37 min)

The Aussie Cossack Show: Here’s Why NATO Has Lost (56 min)

Wilder wins Ukraine loses

Wilder wins Ukraine loses

Wilders wins. Orban, winds of change. Biden secret cell Gaza deal. Nord Stream state terrorism. U/1 (42 min)


Ukr Hard Day: Avdeyevka Cauldron, Kherson Bridgehead Cut Off, Wilders Wins; Biden BRICS Gaza Plan (13 min)

JUSTICE: South Africa Cuts Ties With Israel, Closes Embassy (3 min)

The US lost all credibility in the Middle East (53 min)

Russia building up strength. Collective West hope strategy (29 min)

New and improved BRICS

New and improved BRICS

New and improved BRICS to emerge in South Africa. Morocco wants to join (22 min)

Can the US Profit off the Niger Coup? (3 min)


Unveiling the Global Consequences of West’s Militarization in Ukraine (12 min)


Blow up the Nuke Plant

Blow up the Nuke Plant

Now the neocons want to blow up ZNNP and blame Russia.They want to escalate NATO into nuclear war.  Russia won’t back down.  If you escalate to nuclear war you will get nuclear war. Putin has got Sarmat (Satan 2) ready (lolz).

Graham, NATO will go to war. Putin, Sarmat is ready. DOJ Biden cover-up. Russian book ban. U/1 (38 min)

This is EXACTLY how NATO is destroying Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris (32 min)

Decision making centers will be destroyed. Russia warns US & UK (21 min)

Russian Security Chiefs Detail Ukr Losses, Russian Build up; US Gives Indian PM Modi All He Wants (1:15 min)

South African Former President Reveals Real Reason Behind Ukraine War (10 min)

Leopards burn

Leopards burn

South African delegation stopped in Poland. Putin; Leopards burn, so will F-16s. BRICS grows. U/1 (44 min)

Ukr Offensive Orekhov, Attacks Repelled; German MSM: Budanov Coma; Putin: Rus May Attack F16 Bases (1:14 min)

Oh SH*T! Germany is going down a DARK road against anti-war voices | Redacted with Clayton Morris (15 min)



Americans and British furious

Americans and British furious

The Americans and the British will be furious with the Russians (38 min)

Keep Tucker silent until 2024. South Africa ICC flip-flop. UK depleted uranium in Ukraine. U/1 (34 min)

Dems & GOP & News Media ALL WANT WAR With China! (15 min)

Hang on! Biolabs under attack in Sudan? What is going on? | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)

Biden White House fears spring offensive failure (35 min)

U.S. Harvesting CHILDRENS Organs In Ukraine. Why Western FASCIST Mercenaries Fight For Ukraine (25 min)

Russia Claims Ukr Split; Lavrov, West Policy Absurd; Ukr Defeat Fears Grow Calls Biden Comes Clean (1:15)


TikTok stops ammo

TikTok stops ammo

TikTok stops ammo. Tanks arrive, spring offensive almost ready. Bear Grylls, chocolate poison. U/1 (23 min)

The Russian Sledgehammer is Falling in Ukraine (34 min)

Conflict mood swings. Pumping USD into Ukraine, holding up the hryvnia (24 min)

This is REALLY bad! (21 min)

South Africa Invites Putin To Summit & REFUSES To Arrest Him (6 min)

The Critical Hour: Talking US-Russian Tensions in Ukraine & US-Chinese Tensions Over Taiwan (14 min)