Knock Out Blow in Donbass

Knock Out Blow in Donbass

Russia Readies Knock Out Blow in Donbass, China Strongest Warnings as Pelosi Mulls Trip to Taiwan (1:02)

Russia Just Put Out An Ad Beyond Parody! Is Winter Really Coming? (25 min)

Is Putin A Puppet Of The New World Order?

Dirty Harry  is back (not watched this yet).

Syria Formally Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Ukraine (7 min)

NYT talks up HUGE Russian losses as the Great Kherson counteroffensive stumbles (19 min)


Censorship and Propaganda

Censorship and Propaganda

BBC Caught Copying Story Directly From British Military (7 min)

Steve Sweeney Exposes RSF’s Call For Censorship of Russian Media As Ukraine Bombs Donbass Civilians (1:30)

Steve Sweeney has reported from hot spots around the world, exposing Imperialist war crimes and attempts to interfere in and destabilize sovereign nations. He is Morning Star International Editor, founder of Media Workers for Palestine, and reports on global liberation movements, press freedom & resistance. Steve contacted me the other day to ask for a statement on Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF) recent appeal to censor Russian media, on their premise that Russian media is “inciting hatred” and “condoning war crimes.” He also contacted RSF with an excellent list of questions including why a (supposed) press freedom group is demanding that alternative media narratives are censored, could they give concrete examples regarding what they’ve accused Russian media of doing (no), and whether RSF would comment on journalists like me being put on Ukraine’s kill list because of my reporting from on the ground in Donbass, where I’ve just returned incidentally. After a series of insightful exchanges, I asked Steve to please have a conversation with me about all of this. What a conversation it was! In our conversation, he details how RSF panicked and stalled replying, only to essentially give lengthy non-answers and flat out refuse to address some questions (including the one about me and Ukraine’s kill list). A spoiler: Steve notes that RSF is not the neutral body it pretends to be, instead receiving obscene amounts of money from NED, Soros’ Open Society, USAID, the Ford Foundation…a “rogue’s gallery of the worst kind of regime change organizations.” As RSF endeavours to shut down Russian media, I joined my Russian colleagues today in going to sites that were bombed by Ukraine yesterday in Gorlovka, killing one civilian & leaving two others in critical condition. This is the sort of crimes Ukraine has been perpetrating for over eight years, and its courageous journalists like my colleagues who have been putting their lives on the line to expose Ukraine’s genocide of the Donbass people. RSF by whitewashing Ukraine’s crimes is abetting in genocide.

World War 3 or another Afghanistan?

World War 3 or another Afghanistan?

This was really excellent:

World War 3 is already underway as EUROPE does the unthinkable | Redacted with Clayton Morris (11 min)

This was also very good:

No reverse gear. Donbass defeat, as another Afghanistan debacle looms (21 min)

Russia Advances in Donbass Towards Siversk, Economic Crises Deepen in Germany, Japan (27 min)

Ukraine ‘RECAPTURES’ Snake Island – Inside Russia Report (6 min)


Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 1-2, 2022): Snake Island, Russian Gains in Donbass, Western Narratives (30 min)

Ukraine War | 18 Dead In Odesa, Lysychansk Oil Plant Seized | Will Russia Return For Snake Island? (7 min)

Russia ‘Rounding Up’ Ukraine Troops in Donbass as UK Media for First Time Criticises Ukraine Tactics (22 min)

“Lysychansk Boiler” Residents In Ukraine & Russian Controlled Speak Out (14 min)

“They Are Ruining Europe’s Economy!” (5 min)

Odessa Next

Odessa Next

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu says land bridge complete, which may signal phase 3 Odessa (22 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 9, 2022): Russian Gains, Ukrainian Grain, Kiev Admits Losses (13 min)

Blinken calls it a “SHAM Trial”. Ukraine Loses More Key Territory in Donbas. – Inside Russia Report (10 min)



If you can’t be bothered watching anymore videos or updates on the Ukraine situation just watch this three minute video as it explains the US and NATO Geo-political blow-back perfectly.

Is this what “winning” looks like?  (lolz)

Military collapse in north Donbass. Turkey & Russia move closer together as EU crumbles(20 min)

The Empire of lies is crumbling:

West’s Media U-Turn in Ukraine as Reality Sets In (11 min)

Obviously Russian agiprop but you can bet that it is happening:

Ukrainian Commander Defects To Russia (Special Report)- 9min

If you want to watch an hour and a half cataloguing all the Ukrainian lies feel free:

The STUNNING lies about the war in Ukraine | Redacted Live (1:30)

Slow And Steady

Slow And Steady

The Ukrainian military are being dismantled piece by piece and sanctions against Russia are failing.  In fact they are destroying the West. They are falling out among themselves at Davos and even Kissinger is warning not to continue the war. They are back-peddling but this thing has a momentum all of its own.

UK Media Says Russia ‘Close to Major Victory’ in Donbass, Western Unity Crumbles in Davos (48 min)

Slow And Steady, Russia Continues To Move Forward

Russian Ops in Ukraine: Ukraine is Blocking Own Ports, Losing Ground in Donbas (37 min)

Orban Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY Due To Sanctions Backfire – Inside Russia Report (20 min)

Azovstal Falls

Azovstal Falls

It’s over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol? (3 min)

Azov Battalion SURRENDERS in Mariupol (15 min)

Zelensky claims to have RESCUED Azov defenders – Inside Russia Report (14 min)

Azovstal Surrenders as Russia Continues Offensive in Donbass (33 min)

Azovstal, UK Media calls it an ‘evacuation’ w/Gonzalo Lira (Live)