It is a Jungle out there

It is a Jungle out there

Here is one that I made earlier (lolz)


IAEA, we see no ZNPP Russia sabotage. Scholz, Crimea history. Kremlin exploits riots in France. U/1 (30 min)

Ukraine’s Offensive at 1 Month – Losing the War of Attrition (33 min)

Biden White House traps EU into escalation with China (13 min)

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian counterpart after he rips down flag at conference (1 min)

Prigozhin angry. FT, Kremlin drone NOT false flag. EU infrastructure funds diverted to Kiev. U/1 (38 min)

LIVE CHAT: part 1 Brian Berletic – Kremlin attack, Is Philippines & South Korea Next Ukraine? (40 min)

Military shake up after Prigozhin video (28 min)

Wagner To WITHDRAW FROM BAKHMUT Following Ammo Row. NATO Tanks Threaten Transnistria. (11 min)

Ukr 3% Bakhmut, Prigozhin Wagner Withdraw 10 May; Zelensky Tours Europe; Putin Security Council Meet (55 min)


Putin Assassination Attempt

Putin Assassination Attempt

Assassination Attempt Made On Putin! Russia Claims Drones Hit Kremlin, Warn of BIG Response (2 min)


Ukraine Denies Strike on Kremlin. Counter Offensive HAS ALREADY BEGUN. U.S. Default is a ‘Trick’. (14 min)

Drones hit Kremlin, targeting Putin. Russia warns retaliation. Elensky hiding out in Helsinki. U/2 (18 min)

With Tucker Gone, McCarthy Embraces Ukraine War 100% (5 min)

Kremlin’s Bizarre Ideological Mission

Kremlin’s Bizarre Ideological Mission

My comment;

This video is a Jewish interference psyop. They are changing the playbook because what is happening in Ukraine.  They did the same with the pandemic switching from zoonosis to lab leak.  Arguing about vaccines but ignoring the bio-warfare aspect.  The public are dumb and the power of media is such that they can nudge the public  into the direction that they want. 

Very interesting. Fascinating. I am glad I watched...he cleared a lot up.😂 So we don't live in an oligarchy run by fascist corporations and bankers based on paperclip ideology (phew). We still live in democracies (we never did) and can vote our way out of this. I tend to agree (taking the aggressive fatalistic standpoint) that (speaking as a Christian) we must fight this (witness), but we won't win. Of course, I am talking about fighting spiritually. Their plans, technology and monetary power is far more advanced than we perceive. Resistance is not futile but, in the end, only God will defeat this.

Kremlin’s Bizarre Ideological Mission for 2023 (13 min)

As Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine continues, we look at Nikolai Patrushev’s statement of the Kremlin’s ideological mission for 2023.

  • 00:00 Mr Patrushev presents Kremlin’s vision
  • 00:40 Kremlin’s “Denazification” ravings
  • 01:25 Kremlin’s war on climate
  • 02:45 The West
  • 05:00 Russia break up
  • 06:06 Revolution
  • 07:45 Unwinnability of the war
  • 09:20 Russian people

He is not telling you that the Jews are behind this on both sides! (lolz).    


Bridge reopens

Bridge reopens

Russia-Ukraine Update: Crimean Bridge Traffic Resumes, Ukraine’s Growing Arms/Ammo Crisis (29 min)

Crimea Bridge Resumes Operation, West Media in Denial; Russia Advance Bakhmut, Repels Attack Kherson (1 hour)

“Kremlin Playbook” According to the CIA (1 min short)