End time carnage

End time carnage

3 day fighting pause. Russia solves ATACMS. Don’t touch Zaluzhny. Elensky curse hits Portugal. U/1 (39 min)

Israel Operation Gaza; UN BRICS versus US; Zelensky Deluded, Ukr Defeated, Ukr Troops Demoralised (1:23 min)

THIS Is Why Gazans Turn To Extremism! (13 min)


The Fall | Ukraine Sends Women To Fight Wagner. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.08 (22 min)

West will choke on Putin’s terms for Ukraine (37 min)


New World Disorder

New World Disorder

Biden, we need a new world order. EU angry with Ursula. China, six warships to Middle East. U/1 (35 min)

White House Fears 2 Front War, No Plan, Multiple Crises, US Overextended; ATACMS Flopped (1:36 min)

Past Israeli Ground Operations & the Limits of Israeli Military Power (35 min)

Israel-Gaza Conflict & Geopolitics: How China & Russia Will Respond (12 min)

WW3 Primer

WW3 Primer

They are doing their best to kick off WW3. Got to hand it to them. They are persistent.

“This Is Genocide”: FULL Interview with Palestine’s Ambassador on Israel & Gaza (39 min)

Arab States Reject Gaza Population Expulsion; Putin Netanyahu Talks; US Secretly Gives Ukr ATACMS (1:31min)

The Fall | World War 3 Is Just Around The Corner | Disaster At Verbove. Military Summary 2023.10.17 (24 min)

Russia and China diplomacy for war off-ramp. Isolated Biden goes to Israel (45 min)

Yellen, US can support 2 wars. Biden to Israel. Putin talks to Netanyahu. Second front concerns. U/1 (27 min)

US Proxy Wars: Israel Gears Up for Gaza Incursion as Initiative Passes to Russia in Ukraine (44 min)



If this is what winning looks like, I would hate to see loosing.

US trip for Elensky. ATACMS, $24B for Ukraine. Biden Cafe Milano. Kim Jong Un, peacemaker list. U/1 (33 min)


Blinken Hints Wants Ukr Conflict Freeze, Focus China; Shoigu: Victory Only Option; Attrition War (1:23min)

Syria’s Warning to America: Get Out Immediately and Cease Oil Robbery! (22 min)

Collective west refuses to admit Ukraine offensive has failed (30 min)

The Fall | General Armageddon Is Back And Ready For Action. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.09.15 (19 min)

Frozen Conflict?

Frozen Conflict?

WaPo, Ukraine warming up to conflict freeze. ATACMS for Elensky. Boris back in Kiev. U/1 (32 min)

The Fall | The Russians Created Bloody Kill-Zone At The South OF Ukraine. Military Summary 2023.09.9 (16 min)

US Supplying Ukraine ATACMS Major Escalation; Oil Price Grows, West Gives Up on Rus Oil Price Cap (1:15 min)



Viktor Orbán hugx it

Viktor Orbán hugx it

What does Victor hug?  Probably Russia (lolz).

Russia hits Reni port. No ATACMS. Can you ring your dad? Sanctions fail to stop Russian travel. U/1 (29 min)


Ukrainian Offensive Nears 2 Month Mark: Little Left to Replace Heavy Losses (30 min)

Russia Pushes to Oskol River, Rus General: War End Spring; Shoigu to North Korea in Surprise Visit (1:26 min)

Summer Operation | The Russian Offensive In Svatovo Is Gaining Momentum. Military Summary 2023.07.25

Washington’s Biggest Fear Is Euro-Russia Economic Partnership (3 min)